September 19, 2021

7 Famous Places to Visit in Dantewada


Top Tourist Attractions in Dantewada

Dantewada (South Bastar)

Dantewada is a town and a municipality in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, India. It serves as the administrative centre of the Dantewada District. It is the division’s fourth most populous city. Dantewada is a lovely district in the state of Chhatisgarh’s southern bastar region. Beautiful towering and lengthy range of hills with dense green saal and teak forests abound throughout the area. The Indravati, Godavari, and Shabhari rivers run through the area. Many panoramic vistas are created by these rivers, and water falls in a number of locations across the region.

Historical sites such as Barsoor, Bhadrakali, and Dantewada are also worth seeing in addition to the scenic splendour. The Bailadila Iron Ore Project Township, mines, parks, and hilltop habitations of Aakash Nagar and Kailash Nagar are all sights that must be seen on a visit to Dantewada.

Best Places to Visit in Dantewada

  1. Samlur Shiva Temple
  2. Bacheli
  3. Barsur – An Archaeological Treasure
  4. Fulpad Waterfalls
  5. Dholkal Ganesh
  6. Dantewada
  7. Bodhghat Sath Dhar

Best Time to Visit in Dantewada (South Bastar)


How to Reach Dantewada (South Bastar)

Dantewada is easily accessible by road from Raipur, the state capital. Many buses run throughout the day to traverse the 400 kilometres between Raipur and Dantewada, including luxury buses with air conditioning and berths at night.

Buses to Dantewada are also accessible from other important cities in Chhattisgarh, including Bilaspur, Durg, Dhamtari, Kanker, and Jagdalpur, in addition to Raipur.

Dantewada is also served by inter-state bus services from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as frequent bus services from Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam (Vizag)

Dantewada is also accessible by train, with two daily trains connecting it to Vishakapattanam.

The closest airport is at Jagdalpur, which is 88 kilometres away from Dantewada.

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