April 23, 2024

Best Places to Visit in Kotputli

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Kotputli is a city and municipal corporation in Kotputli-Behror district of Rajasthan, India, located between Jaipur city and New Delhi. On 17 March 2023 kotputli was made a district

Kotputli has many historic temples and schools. It was historically a part of the Khetri Riyasat (now Alwar) kingdom, whose capital was at the nearby village of Bairath(Virat nagar) during the Mahabharata period. Kotpuli’s economy has blossomed in recent years due to large infrastructure projects.

About Kotputli in Rajasthan:

Kotputli is a town and a municipality in Jaipur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan which is about 106 kms towards north of Jaipur. A vast portion of the population living in Kotputli belongs to Yadav community. Ultratech Cement Ltd, one of the largest cement producers has their plant in Kotputli. The literacy rate of Kotputli is 67% and Rajasthani, Hindi being the most widely spoken languages of the people living in Kotputli. Kotputli coordinates with 27.71’67” degree North Latitude and 76.2’ degree East Longitude with Pin Code being 303108.

History of Kotputli:

It is said that Kotputli prevailed even during the times of Mahabharata, when it was a part of Matsya kingdom. During the time of the British Kotputli was a princely state of Khetri. Kotputli was derived from ‘Kot’ and ‘Putli’ meaning a village. Kotputli was also ruled by Tanwar Rajputs who were ruling this place for quite some time.

Tourist attractions in and near Kotputli:

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Kotputli is very famous for some of the old and ancient temples and historic monuments located in this town such as;

Devnarayan Temple

Sri Sarun Mata Temple

Kotputli is a small place in India and can be easily explored within a day. There aren’t many things to do and attractions to visit in this town. Also, being a small town, there are fewer accommodation options. People usually consider making a quick stop here before heading to the neighboring cities. You can halt here for a quick snack and take a little break from your journey.

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