June 3, 2023

12 Funniest Railway Stations in India

12 Funniest Railway Stations in India Indian Railways has made rapid progress in the last few years. The country’s railway line takes millions of people from here to there every day. Meanwhile, during the journey, you must have seen that the names of the boards hanging are visible at many stations. Some of these names are so strange that they make passersby laugh after reading them. Today we are going …

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5 Most Unique Railway Stations in India

India’s 5 most unique railway stations, visa has to be taken to go to one of these stations There are total 7,325 railway stations in India. There are more than one such railway station which is famous for its beauty. At the same time, many railway stations are famous for their long platforms and most of the plate forms, but today we will tell you about some such railway stations …

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