May 27, 2024

The existence of these beautiful places in Israel may be in danger, know about them

Israel and Palestine War: The war between Palestine and Israel can affect the beautiful monuments and ancient buildings here. In such a situation, people fear that these tourist places may lose their existence.

There is a fierce war going on between Palestine and Israel. There are continuous attacks on Israel. In such a situation, the people here are very scared. Not only is it affecting the areas around Israel, but people fear that the beautiful attractions here may lose their existence in this war. Israel is a country on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Western Asia. Apart from historical monuments and museums, there is much else worth seeing here.

This city is also very beautiful from religious point of view. It is said to be the home town of Jesus. In such a situation, when there is a war here, the condition of these beautiful tourist places can change and it is inevitable that their beauty also gets tarnished. Let us know about the tourist places of Israel, whose existence is currently in danger.

Jerusalem is considered the holiest land in the world. Hence it is one of the best places to visit in Israel. Religious people from all over the world often come here. The Dolorosa here is where Jesus walked to be crucified. The history of this city is 4000 years old. Here you will see a mixture of art, religion and grandeur. Mar Saba Monastery, Yad Vashem, Temple Mount and Dome of the Rocks are places worth seeing in Jerusalem.


Nazareth is the Arab capital of Israel. Muslim population and Christians live more here. This is the city where Jesus spent his teenage days. Nazareth village here is one of Israel’s top tourist destinations. It is quite interesting to visit the old scrap market and the restaurants here. If you want to spend a few days in Israel, Nazareth is a good place. Church of Annunciation, Megiddo National Park, St. Joseph’s Church, St. Gabriel’s Church, Mount of Precipice Lookout Point and caves are the centers of attraction here.

tel aviv

If you want to enjoy Israel’s night life, then Tel Aviv is a good place. Here enjoy discotheque all night long. Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach and Banana Beach are the famous beaches here, where water activities are also liked by the tourists. A place like Tallet is considered good for long walks or bike riding. If you want to know about the rich history and culture of Israel, then you should definitely come here once. Not only this, your trip to Tel Aviv is considered incomplete without seeing Yarkon River, Park Hayarkon, Carmel Market, Dizengoff Circle, Tel Aviv Museum.


This place is an ancient attraction of Israel. It is also known as Akko and is a famous tourist destination to visit in Israel. It is a place where every wall tells a story. Forts, domed mosques and ancient monuments adorn almost every corner of the city. The beauty of the big towers and minarets here is worth seeing. The comfort that the eyes get on seeing these can hardly be found anywhere else. Burj Al-Kumander, Weizmann Street, Wall Museum, Citadel, Crusader City, Ahmed Al-Jazzar Mosque and Burg Kurajim are great places to visit.

Dead Sea Region

The Dead Sea lies approximately 400 meters below sea level in the middle of Israel. People come here to see this wonder of nature. You will be surprised to know that the amount of salt in the water here is very high, due to which humans start swimming easily in salt water. Resthouse near the Dead Sea, Adventure City Fun Park and Qumran Caves are beautifully decorated. Masada Mountain and Kila Mujib Nature Reserve, Kerak Castle, Dead Sea Museum and Adventure City are very famous places to visit around it.

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