July 18, 2024

12 Funniest Railway Stations in India

12 Funniest Railway Stations in India

Indian Railways has made rapid progress in the last few years. The country’s railway line takes millions of people from here to there every day. Meanwhile, during the journey, you must have seen that the names of the boards hanging are visible at many stations. Some of these names are so strange that they make passersby laugh after reading them. Today we are going to tell you about the names of some such unique railway stations, after hearing which you will start laughing and laughing.

1. BiBi Nagar

This railway station named Biwi Nagar comes in Bhawanigarh district of Telangana. On reading this name, people must have started remembering their wife and at the same time they also miss laughter.

2. Sali Railway Station

Now after the wife, the sister-in-law’s name has to come. Actually, there is such a station under Jaipur Division, the capital of Rajasthan, whose name is Sali Railway Station. This railway station is quite famous because of its name.

3. Baap Railway Station

Bap railway station is located near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This railway station comes under the North Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways, which is very much discussed for its name.

4. Soar Railway Station

Railway stations are also named after animals. This is Soar station which belongs to Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh.

5. Billi station

After the pig station, now the Billi station is introduced. Billi station comes under Dhanbad division in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

6. Deewana Junction
Deewana railway station is located in Panipat, Haryana. Although it is a very small station, but due to its name, it has increased the craze all around and it remains very much discussed.

7. Daaru station

This name can be quite good for people who drink alcohol. Although this station has nothing to do with alcohol or liquor, but this station named Daru in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand is in the news.

8. Saheli Railway Station
After Biwi, Sali, now Saheli railway station is also very famous. Saheli railway station comes under Hoshangabad district in the Nagpur rail division of Madhya Pradesh.

9. Nana Railway Station
Due to Nana railway station, you will definitely miss your maternal grandfather. This station is at a place named Sirohi Pindwara of Rajasthan. Many trains stop at this railway station. This railway station is considered closest to Udaipur.

10. Kala Bakra Station
This station is located in the village of Jalandhar and it remains very much discussed for its name. Not only this, Indian soldier Gurbachan Singh of this village is also very famous. He was honored by the British.

11. Pathri Railway Station
It is a small town in Prabhani district of Maharashtra where Pathri station is located. Let us tell you, the passenger train and express train running from Amritsar to Dehradun stop at this station.

12.Bhainsa Railway Station
Bhainsa station is located in Nirmal district of Telangana.