May 27, 2024

5 Most Unique Railway Stations in India

India’s 5 most unique railway stations, visa has to be taken to go to one of these stations

There are total 7,325 railway stations in India. There are more than one such railway station which is famous for its beauty. At the same time, many railway stations are famous for their long platforms and most of the plate forms, but today we will tell you about some such railway stations in the country which are known for their uniqueness.

1. Bhawani Mandi

The unique thing about this railway station located on the Delhi-Mumbai rail line is that it is related to two states. This station coming in Jhalawar district and Kota division of Rajasthan is divided between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. At this station, the train’s engine stands in one state and the train’s guard coach stands in another state. At the same time, at one end of the railway station, there is a board of Rajasthan and at the other end the board of the state of Madhya Pradesh is installed.

2. Navapur Railway Station

This railway station is also divided into two states. This station falls in the border of both the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. While sitting on a bench attached to this railway station, passengers have to keep in mind in which state they are sitting. Because Maharashtra is written in half of the bench and Gujarat in half. One unique thing is that announcements are made here in different languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi.

Actually, Maharashtra and Gujarat were one state when this station was built. This Navapur station was part of the United Mumbai Province. On May 1, 1961, Mumbai province was divided, then it was divided into two states Maharashtra and Gujarat. In this division, Navapur station came between the two states and since then it has become a separate identity.

3. Benam Railway Station

There is a railway station in Bardhaman district of West Bengal which does not have any name. This railway station was constructed in 2008 on the Bankura-Masgram rail line, 35 km from Bardhaman Town. Then this station also got a name and that name was Rainagarh but the people of Raina village did not like this thing. In such a situation, they complained to the Railway Board about this matter. Since then neither any decision came on this matter nor did this station get any name.

4. Benam station of Jharkhand

The train going from Ranchi to Tori, the capital of Jharkhand, passes through a station that has no name. You will not find any sign board at this station. In 2011, when the train operated for the first time from this station, the railways thought of naming it as Barkichampi, but after this decision, they had to face opposition from the people of Kamle village. The people of Kamale said that they had given land for this railway station, the people of their own village also did the labor for its construction, so the name of this station should be Kamale. After this controversy, this station has not got any name till date.

5. Atari
Country’s first such unique railway station where visa is required to go. There is also a railway station in our country where you must have a visa to go. If you don’t have a visa, you can be punished. To go to this station located in India, you must have a visa from Pakistan. This station is Amritsar’s Attari railway station. Being located on the India-Pakistan border, this station is always under the strict supervision of security forces. If someone is caught here without a visa, then a case is registered against him under the 14 Foreign Act.