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13 Top Tourist Places in Mahoba

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Top Tourist Attractions in Mahoba

Located in the Bundelkhand area of Uttar Pradesh, Mahoba is famous for its 9th century granite Sun Temple constructed in Pratihara architecture. On Gokhar hill, the Jain tirthankaras are depicted in 24 rock-cut images. Bundelkhand’s Mahoba district is located in Uttar Pradesh. Mahoba is a town in Uttar Pradesh that borders Madhya Pradesh. There are 214 metres above sea level at Mahoba. In Mahoba, the main attractions are the old temples.

Best Places to Visit in Mahoba

  1. Shiv Tandav Temple Mahoba
  2. Jain Tirthankars
  3. Khakramath Shiva Temple
  4. Urmil Dam Mahoba
  5. Bari Chandrika temple
  6. Sun Temple
  7. Gokhar Parvat
  8. Chandika Devi
  9. Sri Nagar
  10. Beatal Farming
  11. Alha Chauk and Udal Chowk
  12. Charkhari Estate
  13. Belatal

Shiv Tandav Temple Mahoba.

A unique granite block statue of Lord Shiva in the dancing position. Locates in close proximity to Collectorate Mahoba

Jain Tirthankars.

A Jain sect’s place of worship. Near the Bari Chandika shrine in Mahoba, atop a mountain.

The Khakramath Shiva Temple. Also ruins of a Vishnu temple with 6 life size Elephant sculptures in the bed of the Madansagar talab(Lake)

Urmil Dam Mahoba .

In addition to the picturesque splendour of Urmil Dam, there is a guest home where you may stay.

Bari Chandrika temple at Mahoba.

This temple is dedicated to the goddess Chandika From antiquity on, a single carved stone statue marked the sacred location. Devi Durga as portrayed by Mahishsur Mardini. Chandra Verman, the first monarch of Chandella, is said to have placed it.

The Sun Temple at Village Rahilliya, Mahoba

The Sun Temple in Mahoba’s Village Rahilliya, Mahoba There is also the Suraj-kund pool, which is a natural spring. As with the Sun Temple of Konarka in Orissa, this temple also features magnificent sculptures.

Gokhar Parvat A landscapen panoramic range of hills. Near Collectorate Mahoba


Chandika Devi

Chandika Devi is sometimes referred to as Chandi Devi or Chandika Devi. In Japan, it is venerated as a goddess of women’s strength. People believe that the goddess annihilates devils and protects the faithful. Chandika Devi is worshipped at two temples in this area. These two temples are known as Choti Chandika Devi Temple and Bari Chandika Devi Temple respectively.

Sri Nagar

This is famous for brass works and antiques.

Beatal Farming

This is unique and self styled cultivation called bareja.

Alha Chauk and Udal Chowk

City centres with huge statues.

Charkhari Estate

A symbol of Bundelkhand riyasat, forts, Places & temples surrounded by many lakes.


has many lakes in surroundings and best suited for water sports.

Best Time to Visit in Mahoba

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Mahoba



Mahoba is inaccessible by plane from other major cities in the country. It is only a short drive to Khajuraho Airport.

Mahoba is 54 km away from Khajuraho Airport , Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
Mahoba is 134 km away from Kanpur Airport , Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh



Other important cities in the nation may be reached through frequent trains from Mahoba as well. Stations such as Jhansi Junction, Khajuraho, and Banda are nearby.

Railway Station(s): Mahoba Junction (MBA)


Mahoba is connected by bus.

Major near by places connected with Bus are Chhatarpur-Madhya Pradesh, Naogaon -Madhya Pradesh,Banda,Hamirpur,Kanpur,Harpalpur,Mauranipur,Jhansi,Orcha-Madhya Pradesh,Baruasagar, Khajuraho-Madhya Pradesh.

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