May 29, 2024

6 Offbeat Places to Visit in Jharkhand

Netarhat Jharkhand

Jharkhand, located in eastern India, is a state known for its rich tribal heritage, lush forests, and diverse natural beauty. While Jharkhand offers popular tourist destinations like Ranchi and Jamshedpur, there are also several offbeat places that provide unique experiences for travelers. Here are some offbeat places to visit in Jharkhand:

Betla National Park: Betla National Park, located in the Palamu district, is one of the oldest national parks in India. It is known for its lush green forests, diverse flora and fauna, and scenic landscapes. Travelers can go for wildlife safaris, spot animals like tigers, elephants, and deer, and explore ancient ruins and tribal villages in the park.

Parasnath Hill: Parasnath Hill, situated in Giridih district, is a sacred Jain pilgrimage site and the highest peak in Jharkhand. It is believed to be the place where twenty of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankaras attained salvation. Travelers can undertake a challenging trek to the summit, visit the famous Shikharji Temple, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary: Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Hazaribagh district, is a lesser-known gem with dense forests, scenic hills, and abundant wildlife. The sanctuary is home to various species of deer, leopards, langurs, and several bird species. Travelers can enjoy wildlife safaris, nature walks, and birdwatching in the tranquil surroundings.

Netarhat: Netarhat, also known as the “Queen of Chotanagpur,” is a hill station situated in the Latehar district. It offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, dense forests, and stunning sunsets. Travelers can visit attractions like Magnolia Point, Upper Ghaghri Falls, and the Sunrise Point. Netarhat is known for its pleasant weather and serene environment, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers.

Netarhat 2

Palamau Tiger Reserve: Palamau Tiger Reserve, located in the Latehar and Garhwa districts, is one of the largest tiger reserves in India. It is characterized by dense forests, hills, and rivers. Travelers can go for wildlife safaris, spot tigers, explore ancient ruins like the Betla Fort, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the reserve.

Hundru Falls: Hundru Falls, located near Ranchi, is a stunning waterfall cascading down from a height of about 98 meters. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a captivating sight. Travelers can visit the falls, go for picnics, and enjoy the serene ambiance of the surrounding landscape.

These offbeat places in Jharkhand provide opportunities to explore the state’s natural beauty, wildlife, and cultural heritage. By venturing off the beaten path, travelers can discover hidden gems that offer unique experiences and a deeper understanding of Jharkhand’s diverse landscapes and tribal traditions.