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Ziro Valley-Captivating holiday destination in North-East India

Ziro Valley Arunachal

Place – Ziro Valley | State – Arunachal Pradesh | Country – India

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About Ziro Valley

Ziro is a census town in Arunachal Pradesh Indian district of Lower Subansiri. The inventory of the World Heritage sites of the Apatani cultural landscape is used for UNESCO’s purposes.

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh in the bannery of the mountain, Ziro Valley is the most desirable tourism destination in North West India. Everyone is magnetized by its hypnotic natural beauty, peppered by large rice fields, villages and rolling green hills, which are covered by a vibrant vegetation in thick layers. Although the peace of this quaint little town makes it a haven for soul seekers, its epitomic scenic beauty still appeals to countless nature lovers and photogramms who come here from far away and large to enjoy the splendor of the nature.

If you like soul-friendly trekking, jungle camping, and nature discovery, Ziro would not leave anybody disappointed, it is also a perfect location for adventure seekers.

Ziro Valley
Ziro Valley

An Insight into Ziro Valley Tourism

Ziro is a paradise for both nature lovers and adventure freaks and is the administrative headquarters of Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh at 5,500 feet above sea level. It is one of the most photogenic valleys across India thanks to the enchanting elegance of this exotic hillside hamlet flanked by terraced rice fields, dense bamboo forest and picturesque trails furnished with tall black and green pines. The Taley Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, is also well-known for its striking wildlife treasures, serving the mysterious and cloudy leopards and provides a fascinating time for all wildlife lovers.

The serene little town of Ziro is not only unmatched in its panoramic and wildlife, but also renowned for its special tribal history which is definitely a visit to the sociologists and anthropologists. For many centuries the Apatanis have lived in the area, as they were referred to by people of the older tribe of the Northeast Indian state.

While this is one of the intriguing facets of the Apatani Tribe, their unique religious, cultural and agri-based traditions make them more interesting; they include their agro-bio-farming practices that incorporate high-altitude fish farming as among the most advanced in the world.

The people of this tribe are very friendly, have a day with them to learn their own way of life and live a happy and prosperous life. While Ziro Valley is one of Arunachal’s largely unexplored areas, it is now increasingly one of the best places for tourism in the State.

Ziro Valley – The introduction of the Ziro Music Festival in 2012 has contributed greatly to put this enthralling hill city on a keen tourist map. Many music fans, top foreign and national bands and folk musicians are now coming here from all over the world at this September festival and leaving this magnificent place with amazing memories, both of a lively celebration of the festival and of a warm hospitality and delicious local food, and of a hypnotic setting that can leave everyone

How to Reach Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley is well connected with all of India’s main modes of transport. The best route will be to catch a train to North Lakhimpur or Naharalagun and hire a taxi from there to Ziro.

By Air:

Jorhat, Assam is 98 kms away and the closest airport is Ziro. Lilabari, 123 kilometers away from Ziro, is also a separate airport. In Guwahati, Ziro’s closest international airport is approximately 449 km.

By Rail:

Naharalagun (100 kilometers) and North Lakhimpur are railway stations from Ziro (117 kms). Daily Guwahati Intercity train and one train to Naharalagun once a week from New Delhi.

By Road:

From Guwahati to Ziro, there is a night bus. The bus runs four days a week by the Arunachal Pradesh State Road Transport Company. You can also take a shared taxi from there to North Lakhimpur or Itanagar.

Welcome to Ziro Valley

One of India’s most stunning scenery, the lush Ziro Valley stands like a magical kingdom in the great Arunachal mountains. For several hundred years, Apatani’s tribal inhabitants (currently about 30,000), whose clever control of the available land involves fish in the water of the irrigated rice paddies, have pained the layers of rice field, bamboo groves, pine forests and villages.

The traditional Apatani villages spread across the valley are densely packed with wooden homes, but now most of their roofs are tin instead of stalk, and rising crowds have been transforming the two modern towns of the valley: Hapoli, which is also known as New Ziro, to the south; and Old Ziro, which is smaller to the north.

The four-day music festival in Ziro started in 2012 and can really be used as a blueprint for outdoor music festivals in India, from 27 to 30 September 2018 in the center of this picturesque valley. There is great music, cultural events in the city, tasty food and plenty of other outdoor activities around the world. It is an opportunity to get a snapshot of Arunachal Pradesh’s impressive hospitality and learn about different North-Eastern states.

Enjoy a memorable visit to the Aptani Tribes’ homeland, the uncontaminated and majestic lands known as Ziro or Apatani Plateau. Awards with its amazing natural beauty as World Heritage, in the center of the pine-clad mountains, the Ziro valley is a luxuriant green paddy fields. Ziro is the Lower Subansiri district headquarters at about 1500 meters above sea level.

Ziro is a beautiful valley surrounded by spectacular Himalayas and Patkai ranges, a forest with colorful flora and fauna. Here you can get a single stump of bamboo and blue pine. Bamboo grooves are a worthwhile place to see plantations of bamboo. You should wander among the pine trees and admire the majesty of the pine forest in Nago Putu for a magical trip. You will also be welcomed by invigorating mountain breeze and lovely Apatni women.

Ziro The Aptani Tribe Houses, you must visit some traditional Aptani Tribes villages such as Hong, Bulla and other villages if you enjoy tribal life. The women of the tribes of Aptani is known for their piercings, such as nasal plugs and distinctive tattoos. The Arunachal Pradesh tribes will be happy to take pictures.

Apatani plateau gives you many special farming methods worth seeing apart from the fascinating natural scenery. Fishes with paddy cultivation are back in the ziro plateau. The fish fingerlings are placed in channels in the knee-deep path in paddy fields and held there for 2-3 months, and then start to harvest the fish after being transplanted from a nursery paddy in a wet rice cultivation area.

Ziro Valley is also an adventure lover’s fascinating rest. In adjacent hills it offers cycling and trekking. There are some incredible trekking trails to go to the peak Pepu Cumyu, which is approximately 7200 ft, the Shiva lingam and the thick woodland of Taley valley.

Another Ziro representation is exquisite handcrafted colorful handloom garments.

Book a Ziro tour to enjoy the beauty of Ziro with many outdoor activities such as music concerts, hiking, cycling and so forth, during Ziro Music Festival.

Major tourist attractions in Ziro

  1. Kile pakho
  2. Midey
  3. Ziro Putu
  4. Dolo Mando
  5. Hapoli
  6. Tarin Fish Farm
  7. Pine Grove
  8. Taley valley Wild Life Sanctuary
  9. Meghna Cave Temple

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