May 27, 2024

Bermiok – A Beautiful Village of Sikkim

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Sikkim – Bermiok

Sikkim is a bordered territory of Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal in northeastern India. Part of the Himalayas, the district encompasses the dramatic countryside, 8,586m Kangchenjunga, which contains India’s highest peak. Glaciers, alps and thousands of wild flowers are also found in Sikkim.

Hee Bermiok is a small city near Pelling in India in West Sikkim. It is renowned for the traditional and rituals and customs of Limboo, Sherpa, Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepalis, and its mountain bike, nature walking, camping, excursions.


Bermiok, your next extended weekend destination, could be a small Sikkim village about 120 km from Siliguri (the nearest train station or airport). From any part of Sikkim, whether Gangtok, or Pelling, Bermiok can be reached ( a tourist hot spot in west sikkim). Contrary to other destinations, it is a small market site which is far from the hustle and bustle of the visitors and very few Hotels along the main route. The bright panorama of Khangchendzonga is a treat for nature lovers on a clear day. Birding lovers should apply this to their list of buckets. In the middle of pure nature, Bermiok is far from the city.

People in west Sikkim who frequent more popular spots such as Pelling, Kaluk and Rinchenpong may add Bermiok. You will explore anything from local history to local cuisine.

It is bounded by the West Sickim Hee River, Kalez River in North, the East Rangeet River and the Samdong Forest Reserve in the Southern region. Hee Bermiok Village is situated in East Sikkim. In addition to being the best location for a healthy plant life collection, it also includes over 65 bird species. Hee and Bermiok are two villages situated about 150 kilometers from New Jalpai with Bagdogra being the closest airport. Hee Bermiok gives its visitors the highest and most outstanding views to the Kanchenjungha Mountains.

Places to see at Hee Bermiok:

 One of the major attractions on the site is the Sirijunga Falls or the Sirijunga Vadhan, which is around an hour’s drive from Bermiok Bazaar. In addition, there’s the Sirijunga Tunnel, Sirijunga Phuku or Enigmatic Holy box. Both these are at the Reshi Khola and Kalej meeting point. There is also a footpath to the village which leads through Martam village and Phagudara to those places. The Yuma Samyo Mangheem and lovely Taal Lake in Hee-Kyangbari are other locations worth a visit, where visitors can enjoy facilities like boating. The biggest priest wheel in the world and water park in the vicinity of Hee Gaon can be seen by visitors.

Nearby attractions from Hee Bermiok:

The neighboring Rhododendron Sanctuary is next to Hee Bermiok. You can go on short trips to it. Hee Bermiok is just a few hours’ drive from other western Sikkim destinations such as Pelling, Rinchenpong, Borong and Uttarey.

Things to do in Hee Bermiok:

You can go mountain biking, tour numerous towns and walks in nature. The two and a half hour trip to Varsovia will also have people who enjoy adventure. Another big activity that visitors may take part in is the international tourist festival.

How to reach Hee Bermiok:

You have to fly from Gangtok to Hee Bermiok for 4 1/2 hours. Besides, it takes you one and a half hours to complete the ride from Pelling.

If you book a direct coach from Siliguri or you can book your local cars in the center of Jorethang, then you can arrange a private coach in the city of Bermiok.

Best time to visit Hee Bermiok:

At any time of year you can visit Hee Bermiok. However, you must visit Hee Bermiok Tourism Creation & Heritage Conservation Society during the month of May if you want to see the tourist festival.

Lodging and dining facilities at Hee Bermiok:

You will stay with local families and small hotels in village homes. These hotels also have bars.

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