July 12, 2024

Rakhigarhi – Beautiful Ancient Site in Haryana


Place – Rakhigarhi | State – Haryana | Country – India

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Rakhigarhi Tourism | Rakhigarhi Tourist Places | Rakhigarhi Travel Guide

About Rakhigarhi

Rakhigarhi is located 150 kilometers north-west of Delhi, in Hisar district in the state of Haryana, India. It is the site of a village dated back to about 6500 BCE before the Indian Vally Civilization.


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The rakhigarhi in Rakhi Khas, which is a village in the Hisar district, is also known as Rakhi Shahpur. Its historical significance was found by excavations undertaken by the Archeological Survey of India in 1963 and again in 1997.

The town is situated on the bed of the Saraswati river which is expected to have destroyed about 2,000 B.C. It was a vibrant city and one of the civilizations in the Harappan and Indus Valley.

The historic Rakhigarhi site is 224 hectares in nature. It is much larger than Mohenjodaro and it is the country’s main archeological site. The diggings demonstrate how the culture of the Indian Valley was advanced then.

The pumps found irrigation, terracotta sculptures, bronze instruments, weights, copper-based fish hooks, seals and needles. A bronze vessel embellished with gold and silver, a foundry of gold holding some 3000 half-precious stones, a burial ground of 11 skeletons, terracotta squares, shells of conch, gold jewelery, and much more, some more than 5000 years old, were some of the main foundations.

Minister of Tourist Affairs Prahlad Singh Patel, who visited the website recently, instructed officials to accelerate the process to make it a tourist destination of world class. He said that the restoration of the site is the government’s highest priority, naming Rakhigarhi as a World Heritage site. He said it is the vision of Premier Narendra Modi to establish it as an emblematic location for domestic and international visitors.

 How to Reach Rakhigarhi

By Air:

 Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Rakhigarhi.

By Rail:

Hisar is the nearest Railway station is to reach Rakhigarhi.

By Road:

 Rakhigarhi is well connected with road network. You can easily reach to visit rakhigarhi.

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