June 20, 2024

Pushkar, Brahma Temple – A Holy City in Rajasthan


Place – Pushkar | State – Rajasthan | Country – India

Rajasthan Tourism | Rajasthan Tourist Places | Rajasthan Travel Guide

Pushkar Tourism | Pushkar Tourist Places | Pushkar Travel Guide

About Pushkar

Pushkar Mela Pushkar Mela

You will be seeing true Rajasthani culture at Pushkar Mela. The nature of the case is established by the trade of camels and cattle. Villagers from across Rajasthan to this desert city go for animal trading and more recently from other countries.

The holidays begin with a camel race.

Brahma Temple 

Temples of Brahma are unusual. It must be a very significant explanation why the Hindus have a plethora of temples devoted to any one of their gods. If Brahma, the deity himself who believed the world, is beautifully painted in Pushkar, the Brahma Temple is

Bramha Temple Pushkar
Bramha Temple Pushkar

Pushkar Lake 

A Pushkar Lake pariqurama is expected to save your sin, surrounded by a whopping 500 large and small temples. The lake has 52 ghats, each once customized by the 52 Rajasthan maharajas who conducted sacred rituals in this location.

Religious Lake and Waterfall

Panch Kund Shiva Temple

The Temple of Panch Kund Shiva is centrally located in the city, just 2-3 km from the famous Pushkar Lake. If you are interested in learning more about Mahabharata, visit this majestic temple, known for its architecture and construction by the Pandavas.

Savitri Mandir

The hour-long ascent to the Savitri Temple, which can be the most exciting experience to visit this Temple, stands over a hill in Pushkar. When you climb up, the views of the desert and the city below are incredible. It is recommended that you proceed.

Vishnu Temple 

You can see the Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, just as you reach the town of Pushkar (from the Ajmer side). This part of Pushkar is a magnificent sight and must be visited by all. The temple, representative of its south-Indian style, has a pure white architecture.

Ghats of Pushkar

Pushkar has 52 lake-wide ghats, each built for a Rajput of Maharaja, whose local deities and other Hindu gods had been worshiped and revered. Yet two are the most impressive. The Gau Ghat is known for the Mahatma, Jawahar Lal, ashes.

Dargah Sharif of Ajmer 

Don’T hesitate to travel a few additional kilometers and see Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer’s world renowned Dargah on your journey to Pushkar. In the name of the Sufi Saint, visit it to make offerings. Adding the spellbinding Mughal architecture to the environment of the Dargah complex.

 How to Reach Pushkar

By Air :

It is possible to reach Pushkar by flying to Sanganer Airport located about 150 kilometers from the nearby town of Jaipur. A direct flight from Delhi will take around 1 hour for all major airlines.  

By Rail :

Ajmer Station is situated 11 kilometers away in Ajmer, the nearest train station to the city. All of the major cities in the country are served by the station. The train leaves from Delhi and takes approximately 6 hours from New Delhi Railway Station.

 By Road :

The bus station in Pushkar is the center of local busses when you go by bus into town. The trip will take about 25 hours from Mumbai, 1057 kilometers away from Pushkar. It’s better to get from Mumbai to Jaipur and then take a bus from Jaipur to Pushkar. From Delhi, the direct bus takes about eight and a half hours to Pushkar.

There are no direct buses from Bangalore to Pushkar so you first have to fly to Delhi to Jaipur and then take a direct flight to Pushkar.

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