May 29, 2024

11 Best Places to Visit in Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr Kala Aam

Top Tourist Attractions in Bulandshahr


About Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr is a town and municipal board in Uttar Pradesh District, India. It is the office of the Bulandshahr District administrative centre.

Best Places to Visit in Bulandshahr

  1. Kala Aam
  2. Mud Fort
  3. Clock Tower
  4. Karnavas
  5. Belon
  6. Rajghat
  7. Valipura
  8. Narora
  9. Khurja
  10. Chola
  11. Sikandrabad

Kala Aam

The Kala Aam crossroads is historically significant since the British used it for public executions of offenders by hanging. This location was most likely called Murder-A-Place, and the Kala Aam was later corrupted. The British massacred the residents of Bulandshahr here. According to the second account, there is a massive common tree on which the British hanged the people of Bulandshahr who battled against them.

Mud Fort

Kuchesar Fort, also known as the Mud Fort, is a fort built in the 18th century in Kuchesar, India. It was constructed in 1734 and is surrounded by 100 acres of mangrove forest. It is a heritage resort created through the restoration of a portion of Ajit Singh’s ancestral property, which was previously part of the princely state of Kuchesar.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is located at Malka Park Bulandshahr in the Central District of Bulandshahr.

Karnavas –

During the Mahabharat period, this was the location of famous king Karna, who used to donate 50 kg of gold every day. The famed Godesskalyani temple is located here.

Ahar – On the banks of the Ganga, there is a notable temple dedicated to Goddess Avantika, as well as another dedicated to Shiva.

Belon –

This is the location of the well-known Belon Temple.

Anoopshahr – An historic settlement on the Ganga popular for pilgrimages. Throughout the year, many religious bathings and festivals are held.

Rajghat –

Several temples can be seen on the Ganga’s bank. Lord Hanuman’s special temple, which houses a 40-foot-tall statue of the monkey god.

Valipura –

A scenic spot in Bulandshahr on the local river, the van chetnakendra (forest life consciousness) centre is supervised by the government forest department.

Narora –

Here is a world-famous nuclear power plant. A barrage is built on the Ganag River, which is the source of multiple canals. This location has a nice picnic area as well as a large park. It is 65 kilometres from Bulandshahr.

Khurja –

Pottery town is located 17 kilometres from Bulandshahr on the main road towards Aligarh.


Chola –

Bibcol, a polio vaccine plant with Russian collaboration, is located in this area.


Sikandrabad –

The district of Bulandshahr’s industrial region is located here, which is 18 kilometres from Bulandshahr to Delhi on the main national route. Textile, paint, pharmaceutical, cement, steel, and electrical industries are also present.

Best Time to Visit in Bulandshahar

The best time to visit is between November and April.

How to Reach Bulandshahar


While Bulandshahr has been modernising and urbanising considerably over the last few years, it has no airport at all. That is why people frequently ask how Bulandshahr can be reached by plane. The city’s nearest airport is New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, located around 95 miles from Bulandshahr. Tourists can take the aircraft directly to New Delhi to reach Bulandshahr via bus or car. The airport in New Delhi is well connected to both domestic and international destinations. Tourists from virtually all towns in the country, as the national capital, may acquire a direct or connecting flight to New Delhi.


A train to the Bulandshahr station, which is around two kilometres from the city centre, may be arranged to tourists interested in reaching Bulandshahr. A variety of various passengers and express trains are running by the Bulandshahr railway station such, for example, Sangam Express and Udhampur Kanpur Express.


The villages and towns of Bulandshahr are well linked. Uttar Pradesh State Transportation Corporation (UPSRTC) regularly operates A/C and non-A/C luxury bus services, connecting Bulandshahr and other neighbouring cities like Noida, New Delhi, Kasganj, Dehradun, and so forth. The journey from Bulandshahr to New Delhi takes around 2 hours. Tourists can plan their trip simply and purchase tickets online from the UPSRTC website. Apart from UPSRTC, Nargis Travels, Tyagi Tourist bus services, Shaheen Bus services, Jai Balaji Travels and Sri Krishna Travel are some of Bulandshahr’s most important private tour operators.