May 20, 2024

9 Best Places to Visit in Mokokchung

Mokokchung Nagaland

Top Tourist Attractions in Mokokchung


The municipality of Mokokchung is located in Nagaland‘s Mokokchung District. It is the district’s administrative centre as well as the district’s primary urban core. Mokokchung is the most significant commercial and political centre in northern Nagaland, as well as the Ao people’s cultural nerve centre.

Culture and Art Nagaland’s ‘intellectual and cultural capital,’ Mokokchung, is called as such. People from Mokokchung have led the state of Nagaland in many sectors of academics and culture since its foundation in the nineteenth century, through the whole twentieth century, and till the current day.

The district’s major town, also known as Mokokchung town, is located in the district’s central region. To access most of the other districts in Nagaland’s northern region, visitors must transit via Mokokchung town.

Unlike the normal rush, activity, heat, and commotion of the plain region, Mokokchung is a whole other world. The fresh and crisp mountain air, as well as the bubbling sound of mountain spring streams running down its gorges, will meet visitors as they go deeper into the district area. The mountains are covered with thick evergreen foliage and offer tranquil and unique scenery.

Best Places to Visit in Mokokchung

  1. Mokokchung District Museum
  2. Mokokchung Park.
  3. Just a Venue
  4. The Woods
  5. Ungma village (Oldest and biggest village)
  6. Mokokchung Village 
  7. Longkhum Village
  8. Mopungchuket village
  9. Chuchuyimlang village
  10. Langpangkong Caves
  11. Fusen Kei
  12. Mongzu Ki Caves
  13. Longritzu Lenden Valley
  14. Tangkum Marok Spring

Best Time to Visit in Mokokchung


How to Reach Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the place to go if you want to relax your fatigued body and mind in a peaceful environment. It is surrounded by magnificent surroundings with an abundance of thick evergreen vegetation; it is naturally air-conditioned, and the dawn and sunsets are spectacular.

Visit Mokokchung district, which is hidden away just a few of rides away from the valleys, if you don’t enjoy the hustles, bustles, heat, and noisy noises of the plains.

On your mountainous rides, hectic and frantic activity in the city will be replaced with quiet, fresh, cold mountain air and bubbling sounds of fresh streams running down in its gorges as you move deeper into the district area.

Because it is a hilly area, there are no trains or airports within it. However, the district has a well-connected road infrastructure. The nearest rail station and airfield are both in Assam, which is not far from the district. The only way to go about is to take the district road.

For the information of travellers, brief informations are provided below on how to reach Mokokchung.


By Air

Jorhat is the closest airport to Mokokchung (Assam). The distance between the airport and the Mokokchung district headquarters is approximately 112 kilometres. Many major cities in India have regular flights to this airport.

The next airport is Dimapur (Nagaland), which is 212 kilometres from Mokokchung town. This is Nagaland’s lone airport, and it is well connected to cities across the country, including New Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati.

By Train

The nearest railhead from Mokokchung District is Mariani Junction (Assam). It is located around 86.4 kilometres from the Mokokchung district headquarters.

By Road

To go to Mokokchung, fly to Jorhat (Assam), then rent a cab or use the daily Tata Sumo service.

Mariani (Assam) is the closest railway station for those travelling by train. From here, you may rent a private passenger car or a shared taxi (Tata Sumo), which will transport you over beautiful evergreen hills in around 3 to 4 hours.

If you choose to go from Dimapur (Nagaland), there are many buses (day/night) and shared Tata Sumo (taxis) services that will take you to Mokokchung in around 6 to 8 hours.

Daily direct night bus services of Blue Hills and Network Travels are also available from Guwahati to Mokokchung town and vice versa. 

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