September 17, 2021

13 Best Places to Visit in Saharsa


Top Tourist Attractions in Saharsa

Saharsa is a city and municipality in the Saharsa district of Bihar, India. It is located in the eastern portion of the state. It is located on the Kosi River’s eastern bank. The Matsyagandha Mandir, among others, is a prominent Saharsa destination that draws visitors from all across the country.

Best Places to Visit in Saharsa

  1. Surya Mandir, Kandaha
  2. Sant Karu Khirhari Temple, Mahpura
  3. Mandan Bharti Dham, Mahishi
  4. Shri Ugratara Sthan, Mahishi
  5. Chandikasthan, Biratpur, Sonbarsa
  6. Babaji Kuti, Bangaon, Saharsa
  7. Dewan Ban Mandir, Nauhatta
  8. Nauhatta
  9. Durga Mandir, Okahi, Sattar Kataiya
  10. Rakta Kali temple, Matsyagandha, Saharsa
  11. Tara Sthan at Mahishi
  12. Laxminath Gosaisthal, Bangoan
  13. Karu Khirhari temple

Best Time to Visit in Saharsa

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Saharsa

Saharsa is the capital of Bihar’s Saharsa district in north India. It serves as the administrative centre for both the Saharsa District and the Kosi Division. The city is surrounded on all sides by a flat alluvial plain that is part of the Kosi river basin. The question of saharsa arises in the minds of all travellers. Saharsa, on the other hand, is connected to other major towns in Bihar through railway and highways. The city is connected to the rest of the country through National Highway 327 Saharsa – Bagdogra and National Highway 107.


By Flight

Saharsa does not have an airport.
Nearest airport is Patna Airport.
Patna Airport (PAT), Patna, Bihar
201 km away.

By Train

You can easily get regular trains to Saharsa from other major cities of the country.
Railway Station(s): Simri Bakhtiyarpur (SBV), Saharsa Junction (SHC)

By Bus

There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Saharsa.
Bus Stations : Saharsa

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