September 18, 2021

6 Best Places to Visit in Sheikhpura


Top Tourist Attractions in Sheikhpura

Sheikhpura is a city and municipality in the Sheikhpura district of Bihar, India. Sheikhpura also serves as the administrative centre for the Sheikhpura district. It is said that during the Mahabharata period, a demon girl named Hidimba resided on the hillocks on the eastern length of the river, with whom one Pandava brother Bhima married and had a heroic son named Ghatotkach. Later, following the name of Hindimba or Hidimba, this hill was dubbed ‘Girihinda.’ The hamlet of Girihinda is still there.

Best Places to Visit in Sheikhpura

The region was formerly part of the Magadh empire and proudly practises Magadh’s rich culture. In this neighbourhood, a shop called “FAMOUS TAILOR” is well-known. This store is located in Sheikhpura’s “Chandni Chowk.”

Tourist Places:

  1. Arghauti Pokhar
  2. Girihinda Pahar (With Temple of Lord ‘SHIV’)
  3. Samas (Lord ‘VISHNU’)
  4. Tripurai Temple famous in Akhara Village which is situated in Chewara Block. You reach Akhara Village via two route via chewara city and Ariyari, Situated 14 km from sheikhpura.
  5. Sheikh shoiab rahmatullalley Dargah in yahiapur.
  6. Sri Vishnu Dham, Barbigha, Sheikhpura

Best Time to Visit in Sheikhpura

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Sheikhpura

 By Air

Before flying out of Gaya or Patna, take a bus or cab to Bari Bigha.

By Train

Sheikhpura station to Gaya or Lakhisarai station, and Barbegha station to Gaya or Lakhisarai station.

By Road

To Bihar Sharif, take a cab from Gaya, Lakhisarai, or Patna.

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