May 27, 2024

Top Tourist Attractions in Muzaffarpur


Top Tourist Attractions in Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur is a city in the Indian state of Bihar, located in the Muzaffarpur district of the Tirhut region. The Tirhut division, Muzaffarpur district, and Muzaffarpur Railway District all have headquarters here.

Best Places to Visit in Muzaffarpur


Ashok Pillar At Kolhua

Location : Lat. 260 00’ 51” N ; Long. 870 06’ 32” E
District : Muzaffarpur
State : Bihar
Excavation years : 1989-1990, 1992-93, 2010-11

Kolhua is located 65 kilometres north-west of Patna in Muzaffarpur, where Mauryan emperor Ashoka ‘the Great’ constructed a monolithic, polished sandstone pillar consisting of a circular shaft, crowned by a beautiful bell-shaped capital, holding a life-size image of a lion facing north. This region was part of the Vajji Confederacy, which had its centre at Vaishali and was considered as the world’s earliest democracy. Raja Bisal ka gadh (ancient Vaishali), Relic stupa, Kharouna Pokhar (Abhishek Puskarni), Chakramdas, and Lalpura are some of the other archaeological monuments in Kolhua.

This location is also linked to one of Lord Buddha’s miracles, in which the monkey king brought him a dish of honey.

Best Time to Visit in Muzaffarpur

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Muzaffarpur

By Air

Patna International Airport is roughly 65 kilometres north-west of Patna.

By Train

Muzaffarpur Railway Station is around 30 kilometres away.

By Road

Muzaffarpur, Hajipur, and Chhapara are all connected by road (Saran)


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