September 17, 2021

6 Awesome Places to Visit in Kinnaur


Top Tourist Attractions in Kinnaur Himachal

Kinnaur Himachal

About Kinnaur Himachal

Kinnaur is one of the state of Himachal Pradesh‘s twelve administrative districts in northern India. There are six tehsils in the district, which are split into three administrative areas: Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar. Reckong Peo is the district’s administrative headquarters.

Best Places to Visit in Kinnaur Himachal

  1. Kalpa
  2. Reckong Peo
  3. Sangla
  4. Nako
  5. Kothi
  6. Chhitkul

Best Time to Visit Kinnaur

Although any time of year is good for a visit to Kinnaur, the spring and summer seasons are said to be the finest. From April through October, the weather is moderate and pleasant, making it ideal for local sightseeing. If you can’t tolerate severe weather, avoid the monsoons and winters as well.

How to Reach Kinnaur

By Road

Kinnaur’s District Headquarters, Reckong Peo, is 235 kilometres from Shimla. The most convenient communication network to Kinnaur is National Highways -22. Jeeps and taxis are the finest ways to go to Kinnaur for those who can afford it. A lumpsum contract for the whole period would be the least expensive choice for a round journey with a set schedule. It is better to make a per day arrangement for a certain time period if you are travelling on a flexible schedule and want to include treks and excursions to valleys off the main route.

Alternatively, take one-way taxis to Kalpa or Reckong Peo and rent additional cabs on the spot. Buses run on a regular schedule, except in the winter and early spring, when road conditions sometimes necessitate significant delays.

The Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation operates a variety of buses that travel to various locations in Kinnaur. On the Satluj valley route, there is just one direct service from Shimla to Kaza, which takes 24 hours. At least four bus routes connect Reckong Peo and Shimla every day in Kinnaur, with additional services to Nichar, Sangla, and Pooh.

Road of Kinnaur

Day trips inside Kinnaur are also possible, albeit they are less reliable than the long-distance routes. Because the journey to Kinnaur is so dangerous, caution should be exercised when driving. Many spots along the Satluj river have long suspension bridges that connect the two banks. Following the August 2000 flash floods, the road conditions are not ideal. Because of the possibility of roadblocks in certain areas throughout the winter and rainy seasons, it is usually a good idea to gather information on the road conditions before setting off on a journey during these months. During the winters and springs, the alternative road from Manali to Kaza-Recong Peo is blocked.

By Air

Kinnaur does not have a direct flight, and the nearest airport is Shimla, which is accessible from Delhi.

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