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3 Awesome Places to Visit in Sirmaur

Sirmaur Himachal

Top Tourist Attractions in Sirmaur

Sirmaur Himachal

Sirmaur is the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh‘s southernmost district. It is mostly hilly and rural, with villages housing 90% of the people. Nahan, Paonta Sahib, and Suketi, the latter of which is home to the Shivalik Fossil Park, are among its towns.

Best Places to Visit in Sirmaur


At 11965 feet, the beautiful Churdhar peak in Sirmaur is one of the Shivalik range’s tallest peaks. Churdhar, also known as Churichandni (Bangle of Snow), is home to some of the region’s most magnificent and picturesque scenery. The summit offers a panoramic view of lowland tracts to the south and snow-capped mountains to the north, including the peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Garhwal area. These Himalayan hills are covered with a plethora of plants and gorgeous alpine vegetation. Walking around the wildlife sanctuary, one may see Himachal’s state bird, the monal, as well as koklass and kaleej pheasants.

The upper woods are home to the endangered Himalayan black bear and the canine-toothed musk deer. Srigul’s deodar-roofed, single-story, square temple with a lingam, dedicated to Shiva, is located below the peak (Chooreshwar Mahadev). During the Navratras festival, pilgrims chant and dance in this old temple at night. On their route to the wind-blown Churdhar peak, which receives moderate to heavy snowfall, trekkers cross tiny glaciers (average of 33 feet snow). The Srigul temple is sometimes buried beneath it. After the rain, a glimpse of the rainbow appearing on the horizon is a remarkable sight. The multi-colored rays flowing from the cloud cover give the sky the appearance of a massive chandelier.

Renuka Ji

Renuka Lake is 672 metres above sea level and is located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Renuka Lake is a 2.5-kilometer-long body of water located 37 kilometres from Nahan and 60 kilometres from Paonta Sahib.
The environs of the Lake, set within the beautiful green woods of the Indian Himalayas, provide a great site for adventure activities such as hiking and mountaineering.
The travel and tourist department of Himachal Pradesh permits boating and fishing on the shores of Renuka Lake.
Renuka Lake’s surrounding hills are home to a diverse range of plant and animal species.

The state government of Himachal Pradesh built a small Zoo in response to the richness of wild life in the region. The zoo has a variety of animals for public observation, including Himalayan black beer, spotted deer, barking beer, and many more unique species. It has comprehensive values in addition to the beauty of nature. Renukaji, one of Himachal Pradesh’s most renowned temples, is located on the shore of this lake. Tourists go from all over the world to participate in adventure sports and sight-seeing.

Paonta Sahib Market | Himachal Pradesh |

Paonta Sahib

Paonta Sahib Gurudwara is a well-known Gurudwara in Paonta Sahib, Sirmour District, Himachal Pradesh. Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, was honoured with the construction of this Gurdwara. Guru Gobind Singh Ji penned the Dasam Granth here. As a result, the Gurdwara is revered by Sikhs all over the world for its historical and religious significance. The Gurudwara has a pure gold palanquin named “Palki” that was gifted by devotees.

Paonta Sahib
Paonta Sahib

The important locations inside the Sikh shrine are Shri Talab Asthan and Shri Dastar Asthan.

Shri Talab Asthan is in charge of paying salaries, whereas Shri Dastar Asthan is in charge of coordinating turban tying competitions.

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib | Sirmaur | Himachal Pradesh |

The Gurudwara is also home to a famous temple, which was recently restored in the neighbourhood of the Gurudwara grounds. Goddess Yamuna is honoured at this temple. The poetry competitions are held in Kavi Darbar, a famous location near the Gurudwara. Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s weapons and pens are on exhibit at a museum near the Paonta Sahib Gurudwara. Tourists from all across the country come to see the Gurudwara. The location is on the Yamuna River’s bank. Everyone is served langar (parshada) at this gurudwara. The gurudwara’s pristine beauty symbolises that God is one and that we are all his offspring.

The Gurdwara constructed at Bhangani Sahib, about 1 kilometre from Gurdwara Tir Garhi Sahib, is another religious and historical site. The entire region is attractive due to its proximity to the Yamuna River.

Best Time to Visit Sirmaur

Sirmaur Weather in February: With temperatures ranging from 48°F to 91°F, February is considered the best month to visit Sirmaur. The location is perfect for exploring all of Sirmaur’s areas of interest. 3.89 mm of rain is expected on average.

How to Reach Sirmaur

How to Reach

  • By Road it is 90 Km from Chandigarh
  • 90 Km form Dehradun
  • 135 Km form Shimla and
  • 65 Km form Ambala

Where to Stay

  • Circuit House
  • PWD Rest House
  • Zila Parishad Bhwan