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6 Best Places to Visit in Patnitop and Tourist Attractions


Best Places to Visit in Patnitop

Patnitop is a magnificent spot in Jammu, surrounded by lush meadows and panoramic vistas. This location is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and gives a strange experience that should be explored. Along with some of Patnitop’s most beautiful sites to explore, this location provides also a number of daring activities. This region includes attractions for every sort of tourist, from adrenaline-rushing sports such as skiing and hiking to a peaceful time at natural hot water springs.

About three hours by car from Jammu, Patnitop is not a tourist-friendly region. Once in Patnitop, the highlight of one’s trip might be merely relaxing under the sun in the verdant meadows with tall conifers. A wide range of sights for picnics and treks are offered in the thickly forested woodlands around the resort. A walk through the kutcha (unpaved) trails amid ranks and rows of large trees leads to tranquil retreats and wonderful mountain vistas. The only sound that one hears is that the goat and the cow’s necks are tinkled with cloves and the leaves and twigs roaring around one’s own dream world.

No shopping possibilities are offered by Patnitop. Some kiosks are situated next to the meadow that sells Kashmiri products – handcraft, namdas (sticky wool rugs), pherans (sticking shirts and long wools). For shoppers with a true sense of compulsion.

Tourists Attractions in Patnitop

Patnitop’s pride is his six hundred-year old temple of Naag (cobra). Although tiny, it represents the reverence held by thousands of Indians around the world. The nights are quite chilly in Patnitop. There is fog in the highlands and visibility can dip to only 10 feet. The summertime peaks, however, is lovely and not crowded from the end of July through August.

Best Places to Visit in Patnitop
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Best time to Visit Patnitop

Patnitop is one of the most fascinating hill places in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state owing to its unforgettable weather. The optimum time to visit this wonderful destination depends on the particular likes and interests of a traveller at the Best Places to Visit in Patnitop.

The summer season is perfect for recreation travellers as the location truly flourishes with many sorts of flowers. The mountains are mild and throughout the months from July to September there are regions experiencing rain.

The Patnitop winters have charms all their own. Although it may be chilly in this place, this is the greatest time to take advantage of various sports such as skiing and take in nearly surreal vistas of snow-capped mountains and the environs. Therefore it is the greatest season to visit Patnitop, both in February to March and in October to January.

During the months from December through February, Patnitop gets snowfall. And snow is also coated in the area around Patnitop.

This is also an excellent spot between October and February for honeymoon couples.

How To Reach Patnitop

By Air

Patnitop does not have its own airport and is closest to the airport of Jammu, known locally as the Airport of Satwari and the Civil Enclave Airport in Jammu. You may easily travel directly to the Jammu airport from other Indian towns, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai. Flights to Jammu and Kashmir include Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India and Go air. It takes around 110 miles from Jammu Airport to Patnitop and around 4 hours on the way. Before you arrive at the airport, you may reserve a cab online or you may simply access cabs at the airport.

The closest airport to Jammu is Satwari Airport, well linked to all of India’s largest cities. This airport is 115 kilometres from Patnitop. From outside the airport, private cabins are available that take you in 4 hour to Patnitop.

By Train

Trains are perhaps the greatest method to reach Patnitop since they are economical, convenient and free to appreciate the spectacular scenery of the area. The nearest train station at Udhampur and Jammu (Jammu Tawi) is 47 km and 61 km from the hill stations. There is no direct train to Patnitop. These stations may be reached by using a train from each city.

Jammu Tawi (117 miles) and Udhampur Railway Stations are the closest railway stations (46 km away). All major Indian cities are well connected to these railway stations.

By Road

All main cities of Jammu and Kashmir are connected to Patnitop by state highways. From a variety of areas in Jammu City there are frequent buses and taxis to Patnitop. There are approx. 3 hours drive from Patnitop from Jammu, and private taxis can be purchased outside the airport in Jammu or via train station for the distance of 112 kilometres. Depending on the condition of the road, the travel might extend a little more. Land slides are typical on the mountain route after rain, and a lengthy line of local trucks and military convoys is rather usual.

You may either opt to drive across the magnificent landscape or simply sit back to enjoy the trip by taking a taxi or via bus. There are several cab and transport companies from India’s main cities to Patnitop. Depending on where area of the nation you begin your trip, amount of stopovers, climate, and so on, around 2-5 days can be taken to Patnitop. Lengthy driving times might be tough, so hiring a cab or driver acquainted to the rough and uneven ground in the north is the best thing to do.

You may walk around this picturesque hill station. Hires a cab may be the finest choice if you have to go big distances. A variety of taxi firms provide packages for sightseeing in and around Patnitop and inexpensive rental cars. Other than that, riding or riding a pony, especially in an area where the ground isn’t motorised, are also quite popular among tourists.

6 Best Places to Visit in Patnitop

It’s one of the weirdest areas to visit in Jammu, and after a visit in Vaishnodevi tourists may stay one night comfortably.

There are some of Patnitop’s greatest spots to visit, and in the middle of surreal nature, one must visit and have the greatest time.

1. Nathatop

This is one of the best places to visit in Patnitop and the nicest spots to visit among the lush foliage and snow-capped mountains of Patnitop. Actually, this is a short journey from Patnitop to see and ski. Nathatop is also renowned for having other exciting activities such as paragliding. People flock here from far and wide to enjoy the beauty of the bizarre environment. This area is suitable for a restful and aventurous holiday, at a height of 2711m.

Things To Do: Paragliding, Skiing and Sightseeing

Ideal Duration: 1-2 Hours

How To Reach: Nathatop is approximately 14 kilometres from Patnitop and the nearest railway station in Udhampur is routinely operated by taxis and buses.

2. Naag Mandir

This historic temple was established at Patnitop for more than 600 years. The Nag Panchami celebration gathers thousands of Shiva worshippers who gather to the snak king Cobra, the primary event of this temple. The outside of the temple is wood-built and worn with time. This temple is very happy to visit and experience the strange atmosphere, surrounded by the beautiful green.

Ideal Duration: 1-2 Hours

3. Billoo Ki Powri

This is an old building that is also one of the unusual sites in Patnitop. Billoo Ki Powri is a mountain-sculpted 270-step stairway. This location near the village of Dawariyai is just a few kilometres from Patnitop. The origin and remnants of this area remain unclear, however these stairs create a quick approach to the city of Batote built by past Chenani ruler.

Location: Dawariyai, Patnitop

4. Kud Park

Located in Kud, this park is a lovely location for a day out in the countryside. Surrounded by lovely flowers, this garden gives couples and families a pleasant place. This is one of the most recognised attractions in the region, providing the beauty of Patnitop with a calm place.

Location: Kud, Patnitop (Near Udhampur Srinagar Highway)

5. Madhatop

Madhatop can easily be accessed by road, at an altitude of 2,024 metres, and only a 5 kilometre walk from Patnitop. This area is great for hikers and honeymooners, in the lovely and strange environment. This area provides a wide selection of things to do and a weird sensation.

Things To Do: Trekking, Sightseeing

6. Shiva Ghar

Shiva Ghar is an 11 kilometre walk from Patnitop at an altitude of around 3500 metres which trekking tourists who have lately started to visit. This is the excellent area to spend a day trekking. Trekking equipment may be rented at the tourist department stores in Jammu.

Things To Do: Trekking

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