May 27, 2024

10 Best Places to Visit in Maldives


Male: Explore the capital city of Maldives, Male, and visit the historic Friday Mosque (Hukuru Miskiy) and the bustling local market.


Baa Atoll: Discover the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and swim with manta rays in Hanifaru Bay, and enjoy the luxury resorts and pristine beaches in this atoll.

Ari Atoll: Dive or snorkel in the vibrant coral reefs of Ari Atoll, known for its abundant marine life including whale sharks and colorful fish species.


Hulhumale: Visit the artificial island of Hulhumale, located near the capital, and enjoy its beautiful beaches, water sports activities, and relaxed atmosphere.

Maafushi: Experience local island life on Maafushi, one of the most popular local islands in the Maldives. Relax on the beaches, go snorkeling or diving, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

North Male Atoll: Explore the luxurious private resorts in North Male Atoll, indulge in spa treatments, enjoy water sports, and unwind in stunning over-water villas.

Addu Atoll: Discover the southernmost atoll in the Maldives and visit the historic British Loyalty Island, indulge in water activities, and explore the local culture.

South Male Atoll: Enjoy pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury resorts in South Male Atoll, perfect for relaxation and water-based activities.

Vaadhoo Island 1

Vaadhoo Island: Witness the stunning natural phenomenon known as “sea of stars” on Vaadhoo Island, where bioluminescent phytoplankton create a magical glow in the water at night.

Alimatha Island: Experience world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities, as well as the chance to swim with nurse sharks and stingrays, on Alimatha Island in Felidhoo Atoll.

alimatha island

These are just a few highlights of the Maldives, a tropical paradise with countless beautiful islands and atolls to explore.