September 28, 2021

19 Best Places to Visit in Angul


Top Tourist Attractions in Angul

Angul is a town, a municipality, and the administrative centre of the Angul district in Odisha, India. The average elevation in Angul is 195 metres above sea level. The district’s entire geographical area is 6232 km2. In terms of area, it is the eleventh largest of Odisha’s thirty districts. Angul is located in the geographical centre of the state and is also known as the heart of Odisha. It generates the most money for the state coffers. Angul is also known for the Satkosia gorge, magnificent natural thick forest, hills, and rivers (Mahanadi, Brhamani), among other things.

Best Places to Visit in Angul

  1. Maa Budhi Thakurani
  2. Jagannath Temple, Angul (Saila Srikhetra)
  3. Angul Laxmi Puja
  4. Satkosia Gorge, Tikarpada
  5. Talcher
  6. Hingula Pitha, Talcher
  7. Talcher Ganesh Puja
  8. Bhimkanda
  9. Binikei, Athamallik
  10. Derjang, Angul
  11. Deulajhari, Athamallik
  12. Khuludi, Pallahara
  13. Kosala
  14. Rengali
  15. Garh Santry Lovi Thakurani
  16. Deulajhari, Athamallik
  17. Lovi Thakurani, Garh Santry
  18. Goddess Hingula
  19. Saila Srikhetra, Angul

 Best Time to Visit in Angul


How to Reach Angul

The district headquarters of Angul is well connected by train and road to the state capital of Bhubaneswar. It’s around 150 kilometres from Bhubaneswar (by road).