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8 Top Tourist Attractions in Fazilka

Fazilka Punjab

Top Tourist Attractions in Fazilka

Fazilka, also known as Bangla, is a city in Punjab, India, with a municipal council. It became the administrative centre of the newly formed Fazilka district in 2011. It will be the final stop of the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, which began in Turkmenistan. It is located on the India-Pakistan border, 11 kilometres from Pakistan’s international border. It is one of India’s key rice exporting cities, located in the state’s rice-growing and cotton-rich region. The town was the largest wool market in undivided Punjab before partition.

Best Places to Visit in Fazilka

  1. Gurudwara Tuti Gandhi Sahib
  2. Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib
  3. Abohar Black Buck Sanctuary
  4. Sadqi Retreat Ceremony
  5. Sadqi Retreat Ceremony
  6. Asafwala War Memorial
  7. Emu Farms
  8. Fazilka Eiffel Tower

Abohar Black Buck Sanctuary

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers an area of approximately 18,650 hectares, is unique in that it is an open sanctuary comprised of farmlands from 13 Bishnoi villages. Herds of black buck, the indigenous antelope with distinctive twisted horns, can be found freely roaming through villages and even homes.

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Fazilka TV Tower, also known as the Fazilka Eiffel Tower, is one of India’s tallest steel structures, standing at 302.6 metres.

Sadqi Retreat Ceremony

Sadiqivillage on the India-Pakistan border in Punjab’s Fazilka district is the third joint checkpoint after Wagah in Amritsar and Hussainiwala in Ferozepur district, where the Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers perform a retreat ceremony every evening. The Sadiqi border post is 14 kilometres from the city.

Asafwala War Memorial

Aasafwala Shaheedon Ki Samadh- a sacred memorial and War Museum in remembrance of the martyrs of the 1971 Indo-Pak war- is managed by the “Shaheedo Ki Samadh Committee Aasafwala” and is located seven kilometres from the town on National Highway No 10 (now 7).

Emu Farms

Situated in the village of Katehra in the district, very close to Jayani Natural Farm. This farm raises Emu birds. In the farm, there are approximately 45 pairs of beautiful Emu Birsd. The medicinal properties of emu’s distinctive green eggs are well known.

Tosha Sweet

A traditional Punjabi sweetmeat that has been a favourite of both Indians and Pakistanis for generations. One of the shops, “Pakpattnian Di Hatti,” which has three locations in the city , has been making this delicacy for generations and has migrated from Pakistan here after partition.

Religious Sites

  • Gurudwara Tuti Gandhi Sahib
  • Gurudwara Rakabsar Sahib
  • Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib

 Best Time to Visit in Fazilka

Summers, monsoons, and winters are the three best seasons of Faridkot. Faridkot tourism is at its peak between October and December.

How to Reach Fazilka


On the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee accession to the throne in 1898, the town’s first railway line was built. On the way to Bahawalnagar and later to Bahawalpur, It was connected by railway to McLeod Ganj (today PakMandi Sadiqganj). City was connected to Amruka (now Pakistan) via railway via Chaanwala. The railroads connecting this city and McLeod Ganj, as well as the city and Chaanwala, are currently closed and may be demolished.

Northern Railways’ Ferozepur and Bathinda junctions are connected to Fazilka Junction railway station. A new 43-kilometer railway line to Abohar in the south has been built, cutting the trip to Bikaner by more than 100 kilometres. In July 2012, trains on the new railway route to Abohar began running. On this railway, an express train began running between Sri Ganganagar and Firozpur via Abohar and Fazilka in November 2012.


Fazilka is located on National Highway 7. At Malaut, NH 7 joins NH 9, which runs to Delhi via Mandi Dabwali, Hisar, and Rohtak. Fazilka to Ferozepur and Fazilka to Malout are connected by a state highway. Both highways are excellent.

It is 100 kilometres from Bhatinda, from whence it links to the Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway, the Pathankot–Ajmer Expressway, and the NH-9 to Hisar and Delhi.


The closest airports are Amritsar International Airport and Bathinda Domestic Airport, both around 90 kilometres distant.

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