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3 Top Tourist Attractions in Jangaon


Top Tourist Attractions in Jangaon

Jangaon is a town in Telangana, India, and the district headquarters of the Jangaon district. Jangaon Mandal’s and Jangaon Revenue Division’s mandal and divisional headquarters are both located here. It’s roughly 85 kilometres from Hyderabad, the state capital. It is located on US Highway 163. On the map of Jagital Tourism, the Jagtial fort is the bright light. The fort was built in the 17th century and is still standing today. This magnificent star-shaped fort, which is surrounded by water, is thought to have been designed and built by two European engineers, Tal and Jack.

Best Places to Visit in Jangaon

  1. Palakurthi Someshwara Temple
  2. Bammera Pothana
  3. Jeedikal Temple

PalakurthiSomeshwara Temple

Many regions in ancient India had lush foliage, rivers, and hills that were rich in natural beauty. Then even men’s lives slip away gently. Many sages spend their time in the mountains and the woods, meditating on spiritual matters. There have been several cases where the Lord has observed some of them, and there they are, fulfilling their desire. Such wonderful sites have evolved in so many ways, and have enjoyed the greatest degree of patronage from numerous monarchs, albeit their appeal has waned with time. These are vanishing with the passage of time. We may learn a lot about history by visiting such majestic structures. One of them is the ruler of the district of Jangaon. The Rishis are supposed to have conducted penance here between 1200 and 1300 years ago. According to another legend, Somesvara was unveiled here at the request of the Sapt Sages. The grave of famed poet king Someshwar is located at the bottom of the hill.

This is where he was born. His poems are titled Dashama Purana and Scholars’ History. The Swami was named after the birth of Somesvara poet’s kid by his parents. The poet lived between 1160 and 1240. This is fantastic. Sellers and poets can also visit the cave and worship Someswar. It signifies that Someshwaraswamy has been adoring the devotees there since the beginning.

Bammera Pothana

BammeraPothana (1450–1510) was a Telugu poet from India best known for his translation of the Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit to Telugu. He was a scholar of Telugu and Sanskrit. In Telugu, his work, Andhra MahaBhagavatamu, is known as Pothana Bhagavatam. Pothana was born into a Niyogi Brahmin family in Bammera Village, Jangaon District, Telangana. His father’s name was Kesana, and his mother’s name was Lakkamamba. He was regarded as a ‘Sahaja Kavi’ (natural poet), requiring no instruction. He was considered to be quite courteous and worked as an agriculturist. Despite being a renowned scholar, he never shied away from working in the agricultural fields. He authored BhoginiDhandakam, a poem in honour of King Sri SingaBhoopala’s consort Bhogini, at a young age. This was his first lyrical endeavour, and it sowed the seeds of his tremendous creative abilities.

BhoginiDhandakam is Telugu’s first accessible Dhandaka (rhapsody that utilises the same gana or foot throughout). His second book, VirabhadhraVijayamu, tells the storey of Lord Virabhadhra, an aspect of Lord Shiva. The major topic was Daksha Prajapathi’s devastation of the ‘Daksha Yagna’ conducted in the absence of Lord Siva.

Jeedikal Temple

Sri Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam is a well-known Srirama Temple in Jeedikal hamlet, close to Jangaon. According to local legend, the temple dates back to the ‘Tretayuga,’ since it was here that Lord Rama, when in exile, is claimed to have slain rakshasa Maricha with an arrow, who appears in the form of a golden deer. When Maricha begs Lord Rama’s pardon and swears to adore him, the latter agrees to appear on the mound here in this temple as ‘Swayambhu.’ Sri Rama’s Padukas, or the area where the golden deer died, is locally known as “Lady Banda,” and every building, whether constructed of stone or mud, or the pond that’s inside the natural stone rock, bears witness to Lord Sri Rama visiting this place on his hunt for the golden deer. So far throughout history, the water level has not decreased or increased.

Best Time to Visit in Jangaon

From late January to late March is the finest time of year to visit Jangaon for hot-weather activities..

The months of October to March are ideal for visiting the city because the temperature is mild. Tourists do, however, arrive between March and May. Heavy monsoons hit the region from June to September. Bathukamma, Id-ul-Fitr, Sammakka-Sarakka Jatara, Dussehra, and Deepavali are all popular festivities in the city.

How to Reach Jangaon

By Air:

There are no frequent flights to Jangaon from other major cities in the nation. The nearest airport is Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is 160 kilometres from Warangal. Flights to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and other cities are available. Taxi services are accessible from the airport.

By Rail:

By rail, Jangaon is well connected to India’s main cities. On the Hyderabad-New Delhi and Chennai-Kolkata routes, Jangaon is a significant railway junction. From the station, auto-rickshaws and buses are available.

By Road:

The road network in Jangaon is excellent. Long-distance luxury buses link Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Tirupati, and Anantapur to Jangaon. Every 15 minutes, direct buses go from Hyderabad to Jangaon, and the journey takes around one hour and thirty minutes.


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