February 26, 2024

Best Places to Visit in North Tripura

North Tripura

Top Tourist Attractions in North Tripura

North Tripura

Tripura’s administrative district of North Tripura is located in the Indian state of Tripura. Dharmanagar is home to the district headquarters. The district covers 1422.19 square kilometres.

Best Places to Visit in North Tripura

  1. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Jampui Hills

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in North Tripura’s Panisagar Subdivision. Rowa Wildlife Refuge is a small wildlife sanctuary that covers 0.86 square kilometres (0.33 sq mi). Rowa Wildlife will introduce you to a variety of birds, primates, reptiles, and other animals. Throughout the year, people can readily enter this National Park.

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills, around 200 kilometres from Agartala, is the tallest hill range in the state, bordering Mizoram. This eternal spring’s permanent residence is located at an elevation of 3000′ above sea level. Every year in November, the Jampui hill hosts the distinctive Orange & Tourism festival. This festival attracts a great number of tourists, both domestic and foreign. The wet season is equally appealing. During this season, the hill is covered in floating clouds, providing tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The development of clouds from the bottom of the hill range and their gradual ascent from the bottom to the top, slowly swallowing the entire hill range in their mysterious lap, is an experience to remember.

The view of rising and setting sun from various viewpoints in Jampui hills is a wonderful sight for the tourists. Tourists visiting the Jampui hill cannot afford to miss the view of the sunset and the sunrise. Various viewpoints in the hill range provide excellent panoramic views of the valley and villages of Mizoram. From the watchtower at the highest peak, Betlingchip(3200 feet high), the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the Kanchanpur – Dasda valley other hill ranges of Tripura and Mizoram unfold an enigmatic scenic vista. Tourist Department of Government of Tripura has constructed one very modern tourist lodge- ‘Eden Tourist Lodge’ at Vanghmun village in the Jampui hills which has a capacity of 20 persons and is well equipped with all modern amenities. In addition, local hospitable Mizo people also extend “Paying Guest” Accommodation facilities in their houses.

The Tourist Department of the Government of Tripura organises several package excursions from Agartala, the state capital, to facilitate tourist visits to Jampui Hill. Jampui Hill is a true tourist paradise, attracting a significant number of visitors with its virgin forests, quiet and eco-friendly atmosphere, magnificent orchids, and colourful dance and music. Because it is sparsely populated, it is a great location for leisure travel.

Best Time to Visit in North Tripura

North Tripura is a great spot to visit from September to April. The month of October marks the beginning of the winter season.

How to Reach North Tripura

Via Raod : 

North Tripura District is approximately 171 kilometres from Agartala by road. Dharmanagar is the seat of the district government. From Agartala ISBT to Dharmanagar and Panisagar, there are frequent bus and small car services. North Tripura is also accessible by road from Silchar, Guwahati, and Shillong. From Guwahati and Shilllong, night bus services are available. Dharmanagar and Guwahati are around 400 kilometres apart.

Via Train :

The train also runs directly through the North Tripura district. Between Agartala and Dharmanagar, there are regular rail connections. The journey between Agartala and Dharmanagar is generally covered in around 4 hours by passenger trains. The journey between Agartala and Dharmanagar is generally covered in around 2: 15 hours by superfast and Rajdhani trains. Silchar and the North Tripura area are also connected by train. The journey between Agartala and Dharmanagar is generally covered in around 5 hours by passenger trains. The route between Silchar and Dharmanagar is generally covered in around 2:45 hours by superfast and Rajdhani trains. Dharmanagar is also connected with Guwahati via Train.

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