June 18, 2024

7 Best Places to Visit in Kashipur

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Udham Singh Nagar – Kashipur

Udham Singh Nagar is a Uttarakhand Indian district. Earlier in Nainital District, Udham Singh Nagar has been. However, a distinct district was formed in October 1995. The district’s name is Udham Singh late. A independence warrior, Udham Singh. After the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, General Dyer was slain.

Kashipur located in Uttarakhand is an ancient city, located in the Udham Singh Nagar district of the state. This hill station is quite popular in its natural, historical and cultural forms. Hundreds of tourists and devotees arrive here every day. The credit for settling it goes to Kashinath Adhikari, who was an Asafar under the Chand kingdom of Kumaon. The Chand kings ruled Kashipur for a long time. After which this city was handed over to the British. The city is believed to have played an important role during the Anglo-Gurkha War. It is an ideal place for tourism, where a wonderful holiday can be spent. Know how this city can delight you with its various tourist destinations.

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How to Reach Kashipur :

By Rail: Ramnagar, Kathgodam, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Chandigarh, Agra, Jaisalmer, Haridwar, and Delhi are connected to the Kashipur Junction Railway Station by rail networks. The station at Kashipur is managed by the Izatnagar division of the Indian Railway North East Railway Zone. The station is administratively controlled.

By Air: Pantnagar, 42 km east of Kashipur, is the nearest airport. From Pantnagar to Delhi and Dehradun, flight services are available. Indira Gandhi International Airport is 216 kilometres from the nearest international airport in New Delhi.

By Road: In Uttarakhand, Kashipur is an important transit hub. The national highway 737 links Kashipur to Najibabad through Jaspur and Nagina (previously the national highway 4).

Pl’aces to Visit in Kashipur:

  1. Kashipur

This is also referred to as Govishan. Yoon-chwang (631–641 AD) arrived to this location during the Harsha Period (606–647 AD). After Kashinath Adhikari, Kashipur was named. This place was founded by Kashinath Adhikari. In this place the well-known poet Gumani wrote several poems. The Girital and Drona Sagar as well as the Pandavas are renowned here. Also notable is the Chaiti Mela in Kashipur. Kashipur is nowadays recognised for large industrial towns. The vista is extremely stunning here in the winter.

2. Poornagiri

For Shaktipeeth, Poornagiri temple is well known. It lies within 21 kilometres of Tanakpur. This site is situated. In the top half of the mountain stands this temple. A lot of devotees visit Purnagiri every year. On the festival of Navratri, a large fair is held here.

3. Atariya Temple

In this temple, Atariya Mata is adored. Many worshippers visit this temple every year. On the festival of Navratri a ten-day fair is conducted here. Temple of Atariya is located two kilometres away from the route between Rudrapur and Haldwani.

4. Giri Sarovar

It is a magnificent lake, Giri Sarovar. This location is also called a location for picnics. On the Kashipur Ramnagar route is found Giri Sarovar. That’s two km. Is a distance away.

5. Chaiti Temple

The shrine of Chaiti is called Mata Chaiti Devi. It also comes in fifty-one Shaktipeeth and is named Mate Balasundari Temple. This is one of Udhamsingh Nagar’s noteworthy locations. On the occasion of March, the Chaiti Fair is held here. This fair is fairly broadly structured. During the Navratras lakhs are coming here to get Chaiti Devi’s darshan. This temple lies on the highway between Kashipur and Bajpur 2.5 kilometres from the bus terminal in Kashipur.

6. Nanak Mata Dham

The pilgrimage is extremely great. On the Saryu River is Nanak Mata constructed. This site is regarded as picnic site, Nának Mata Dham is not only a dham. The quiet surroundings and the water from the lakes make this spot even more beautiful. You may enjoy boating here, too. The Dham is situated 56 miles away from Rudrapur.

7. Nanak Mata Guru Nanak Dev ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs, has come here. After him, Nanak Mata was the name of this location. One of Sikhs’ main holy sites is Nanak Mata. This gurudwara is quite beautiful. It’s in front of Nanak Mata Dham. Every year, thousands of fans visit our site. The Nanak Mata Tourist Rest House is also offered. In addition, the Gurudwara residence facilities for the devotees are offered. The Rudrapur-Tanakpur road is located on Nanak Mata. This site is 56 kilometres from Rudrapur. This area is located.

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