June 20, 2024

4 Best Places to Visit in Hamirpur

Sangmaheshwar Dham Temple Hamirpur

Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh

About Hamirpur UP

Hamirpur is a city and a municipal board in Hamirpur district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Hamirpur district.

Hamirpur is situated in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. This is near Chitrakoot, a place of Pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees of Rama. Hamirpur has a very special significance for the disciples of Meher Baba, as at Meherasthana, a place near Hamirpur, Meher Baba declared Himself as the “Avatar of the Age”. There are many places in Hamirpur District which have historical, cultural and religious importance.

Best Places to Visit in Hamirpur

  1. Kalpa Vriksha
  2. Meher Temple
  3. Chaura Devi Temple
  4. Sangmaheshwar Dham Temple


This tree can be found on the banks of the Yamuna River in Hamirpur. This is very old and uncommon in India.

Meher Temple

This temple was built in 1964 at Hamirpur headquarters by ParmeshweriDayalPukar, a Mehar Baba follower. On November 18, 1970, the idol of Mehar Baba was installed at the temple.

Chaura Devi Temple

This temple is built around a Peepul tree since the Goddess’s idol was dreamed to a devotee in the middle of the night. After some time, a lovely park was also built here.

Sangmaheshwar Dham Temple

The temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati is located on the north bank of the Yamuna River, in the district headquarters of Hamirpur. This well-known temple in Hamirpur District is claimed to be historically significant. Historically, this temple is thought to be a Gupta dynasty relic.

Best Time to Visit in Hamirpur

The winter season is the finest time to visit Hamirpur. The temperature remains pleasant and suitable for sightseeing. The months to visit are October, November, and December, as well as February and March. Hamirpur’s summers are hot and humid.

How to Reach Hamirpur

Main Railway station is situated at Hamirpur Road (HAR), This is connected by all famous cities with Railway track. Main Railway Route from Hamirpur is as follows :

  • From Hamirpur to Hajrat Nizamuddin (N. Delhi) via Kanpur & Banda.
  • From Hamirpur to Lucknow via Kanpur.
  • From Hamirpur to Allahabad, Mughal Sarai, Hawraha via Kanpur & Manikpur.
  • From Hamirpur to Varanasi via Manikpur.


Hamirpur does not have an airport. Nearest airport is Kanpur Airport (KNU), Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 68 km away from Hamirpur. Next is Amausi Airport (LKO), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 136 Km. away from Hamirpur.


Hamirpur District is connected by all famous cities with National Highway & other road track.
Main Roadways Route from Hamirpur is as follows :

  • From Hamirpur to Delhi via Kapli.
  • From Hamirpur to Banda, Kanpur & Lucknow.
  • From Hamirpur to Allahabad via Banda.
  • From Hamirpur to Chitrakoot via Banda
  • From Hamirpur to Varansi via Fatehpur.
  • From Hamirpur to Chhatrpur & Sagar via Mahoba.
  • From Hamirpur to Panna via Banda.

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