June 16, 2024

Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Alipurduar

Alipurduar Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Alipurduar

Alipurduar is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal, as well as a municipality. It is the administrative centre of the Alipurduar district. The city is a gateway to Bhutan and India’s northeastern regions, located on the east bank of the Kaljani River in the Himalayan foothills. Alipurduar, the gateway to Bhutan and the Northeast, is located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, on the banks of the Kajlani River. Alipurduar is a small town in West Bengal’s Dooars area that was formerly a part of the famous silk road, evidence of which can still be seen in some parts of the town.


Best Places to Visit in Alipurduar

  1. Buxa Tiger Reserve
  2. Jaldapara National Park
  3. Chilapata Forest
  4. Chilapata Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Sikiajhora
  6. Pukuri
  7. Rasikbil

 Best Time to Visit in Alipurduar

Alipurduar Weather from April to November: This is a great time to visit Alipurduar because the average temperature is approximately 73°F. The weather is ideal for spending time outside, with the air being somewhat humid. This is perhaps one of the finest seasons to visit Alipurduar, as well as the peak tourist season.

How to Reach Alipurduar


Alipurduar does not have frequent flights to other major cities in the nation. The nearest airport is in Ranchi, which is 54 kilometres away.

Airports: Rupsi India Airport


There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Alipurduar. The nearest railway station is at Bongaigaon, which is 99 kilometres away.

Railway Station(s): Bongaigaon

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