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6 Top Attractive Tourist Places in Krishna

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Top Tourist Attractions in Krishna

Krishna district is one of the nine districts that make up the Coastal Andhra area of Andhra Pradesh, India. The administrative capital is Machilipatnam, while Vijayawada is the most populous city in the district.

Best Places to Visit in Krishna

  1. Paandu-Ranga Swami Temple – Machilipatnam
  2. Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada
  3. Panduranga Swamy Temple, Machilipatnam
  4. Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamivari Devasthanam, Mopidevi
  5. Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Vedadri
  6. St.Mary’s s Church, Gunadala

Paandu-Ranga Swami Temple – Machilipatnam

Panduranga Swamy Temple Is A Well-Known Temple In Chilakalapudi, Machilipatnam, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Sri Bhakta Narasimham erected this temple in 1929. It Is Spiritually Important To The People Of Machilipatnam. The temple’s deity and garbhagriha are quite similar to Pandaripur Temple. In Front Of The Lord, An Idol Of Sri Abhayanjaneya Swami (An Incarnation Of Lord Hanuman) Is Installed. Every year, during the Kartika month, a festival will be held at this temple.

Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada

The Durga temple is placed near the city’s entrance on the summit of a hill known as Indrakeeladri. This sacred shrine to Goddess Durga is a Swayambhu (self-manifested) temple and the second biggest in Andhra Pradesh. The “Dasara” festival is widely celebrated in this region, with a huge number of pilgrims taking part in the festivities. A holy plunge in the Krishna River (2 kilometres from the RTC Bus station) is also a major attraction.

Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada

Kanakadurgamma Temple is located in Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada, on the banks of the Krishna River. Sri Kanakadurgamma (kanaka durga) is a swayambu swayambu swayambu swayambu swayambu swayambu (self-manifested). It is one of India’s biggest temples and the second largest in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is designed in the Dravidian architectural style. Vijayawada Kanaka Durgamma Temple is another name for this temple. Goddess Durga slew Mahishasura, who was a calamity for the world, during the Krithayuga. The goddess Durga then appeared on the Keela mountain with eight arms in the guise of MAHISHASURA MARDINI, as she had done when she bestowed the blessing on Keela.

Goddess Durga had been gleaming with the golden light of crores of suns on this mountain. Since then, Indra and all the deities have praised her by chanting “KANAKA DURGA,” and they have worshipped her on a daily basis. On the left side of Durga Devi, there is “Sri Chakaram” and a Ganapati Deity. So, when we worship the Goddess, we shall solely pay homage to “Sri Chakaram.” Kanaka Durgamma wields eight weapons: Chakra, Conch, Bow and Arrow, Sword, Spear, Club, Trident, Thunderbolt, and Lotus.

The “Dasara” festival is widely celebrated in this region, with a huge number of pilgrims taking part in the festivities. A holy plunge in the Krishna River (2 kilometres from the RTC Bus station) is also a major attraction.

Panduranga Swamy Temple, Machilipatnam

Lord Panduranga Vithal is worshipped at Panduranga Swamy Temple. The god’s idol stands roughly three feet tall and resembles Lord Krishna in his boyhood look. The idol is ornamented and wears a diamond-studded crown. In front of the idol is a statue of Sri Abhayanjaney Swami. The temple grounds are six acres in size. A tower guards the temple’s main entrance. The Panduranga Swamy temple is surrounded by prakarams on all three sides, which depict pictures of Sri Panduranga Vithal’s students. Devotees from all castes and communities are welcome at the temple. Another shrine, just beyond the temple’s entrance, has the figures of Rukmini, Radha, and Satyabhama.

During Karthika Pournima, pilgrims go to the Panduranga Swamy temple to take a bath in the sea (Samudra Snanalu). On Ashadha Shudda Ekadashi, there is also an upsurge in visitor traffic at the location.

Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamivari Devasthanam, Mopidevi

Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam, also known as Mopidevi Temple, is located in the hamlet of Mopidevi in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple is around 80 kilometres from Vijayawada and 30 kilometres from Machilipatnam. Sri Subrahmanya Swamy is shown here as a lingam (Shiva Lingam). Mopidevi temple is famed for ‘Childless Couples for Childbirth,’ Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja, Rahu Ketu Dosha Pooja, and Anapathya Dosha Puja for vision alleviation, ear issues, skin disorders treatment, happy life partner, and Annaparasanna. Devotees believe that if a couple spends one night in Mopidevi Temple, they would be rewarded with children.

Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Vedadri

The main attractions here are the Yoga Nanda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and the Siva temples. It is one of Andhra Pradesh’s Pancha Narasimhar Kshetrams. Vedadri is an important temple of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy that blossomed on the holy banks of the Krishna River. It is only 10 kilometres from ‘chillakallu’ on the National Highway No.9 from Vijayawada to Hyderabad.

The temple construction is traditional, vividly coloured, and embellished with a variety of motifs. Outside the temple grounds, there is a lovely picture of Narasimha Swami in yoga stance. The Utsava Idols are quite high and stunning. The temple contains a lovely Raja Gopuram with carved statues of gods and goddesses. Inside the mandapam, the lowest section of Dwajasthambam may be observed.

St.Mary’s s Church, Gunadala

Gunadala Mary Matha Church is a renowned pilgrimage destination for Christians in Andhra Pradesh. Gunadala, a mountainous area of Vijayawada, is where the temple is located. The sacred site is also known as the Mary Matha Shrine and is more often known as St Mary’s Church.

The church is notable for having an iron cross erected on the hilltop. It has a museum with ancient sacred treasures and priceless presents from followers. On Sundays and other significant holidays and events, the shrine is packed. The yearly feast of Our Lady of Lourdes is marked by pomp and circumstance. Thousands of people travel from all across India to pay their respects to Mother Mary. More than 5 lakh people visit the temple during the Gunadala Matha Festival, which takes place from February 9 to 11. The only way to get to the church is through steps.

Best Time to Visit in Krishna

November through February is the best time to visit in Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

How to Reach Krishna

By Air

Gannavaram Airport is the closest airport. The city of Vijayawada is 17.9 kilometres away. The Machilipatnam road is 67.9 kilometres long from there. From Vijayawada to Machilipatnam, taxi and bus options are available.

By Rail

Vijayawada Railway Station to Machilipatnam Railway Station trains are available. Machilipatnam is around 80 kilometres away and can be accessed by train.

By Road

Vijayawada is connected to all parts of the state as well as the main cities of India by good motorable highways. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) buses provide transportation from Vijayawada to all locations of Buddhist importance.