May 20, 2024

4 Attractive Places to Visit in Nuh

nuh tourist attractions

Top Tourist Attractions in Nuh

Nuh is the administrative centre of the Nuh district in Haryana, India. It is located around 45 kilometres from Gurgaon on National Route 248, commonly known as the Gurgaon-Sohna-Alwar highway. Nuh, in Haryana’s Mewat district, is a small town with numerous ancient monuments and ruins that make for an interesting day excursion. The architectural wonder of the site may be observed in its Shaking Monument, the Chui Mai Pond or Tank, the town of, with sculptures on red sandstone and grey quartzite.

 Best Places to Visit in Nuh

  1. Kotla, Nuh
  2. Ferozepur Jhirka
  3. Nalhar Shiv Mandir
  4. Chuhi Mal Ka Talaab in Nuh

Kotla, Nuh

Kotla is a village located about 7 kilometres south of Nuh, the district headquarters of Nuh, with coordinates Latitude 28.0137 North and Longitude 76.937668 East. It is a historic village that served as the capital of Nuh during the reign of MewatiYadubanshi ruler Bahadur Nahar Khan. This village is also significant due to its location in the Arawali foothills and scenic view. Kotila was historically the first capital of Mewat, ruled by its own people known as Khanzadas. The village of Kotila is located in a small valley that is completely surrounded by a hill, except for a small tunnel-like pass that provides access to it.

The Kotila Lake lies in front of this pass, and when it fills with water, the only road to the pass runs along a narrow strip of land between the lake and the hill. Cunningham describes the Kotila’s location as “probably chosen for security” because it is protected on the east by the large lake named Dahar, which is four to five miles long and up to two miles wide in a breath.

Ferozepur Jhirka

Ferozepur Jhirka, a tehsil of the Nuh district, is located on the main road from Gurgaon to Alwar, about 82 kilometres south of Gurgaon and 150 kilometres south of Delhi. It is located at the coordinates Latitude 27.79394 North and Longitude 76.940659 East. Ferozepur Jhirka’s postal code is 122104, and its postal headquarters are in Ferozepur Jhirka. Ferozepur Jhirka is located near the villages of Sidhrawat (2 kilometres), Kameda (4 kilometres), Sulela (5 kilometres), HasanpurBilonda (5 kilometres), and Maholi (5 kilometres). Ferozepur Jhirka is bounded to the north by Nagina Tehsil, to the west by Kishangarh Bas Tehsil, to the east by Punahana Tehsil, and to the south by Ramgarh Tehsil. Ferozepur Jhirka is located near the cities of Alwar, Nagar, Hodal, and Bawal.

This location is on the border of the Nuh and Bharatpur districts. Bharatpur District Nagar Pahari is to the south of this location. It is close to the Rajasthan state line.

Places of Interest

Nalhar Shiv Mandir

Nalhar is located in the Aravallis foothills and has a Shiva temple at its base, which serves as the starting point for the trek to the reservoir. The temple has a large ceremonial gate.

There are over 250 steep stair-steps to climb to get there, and the last bit is a bit slippery, requiring one to hold on to tree roots and branches to climb. It is a good climb for those looking for some good exercise, and once at the top, you can see the entire area.

There is a reservoir where the water was trickling directly into a natural hollow created in the tree by the rock. This reservoir is only about 2 feet long and about a foot wide. The water continues to flow into this hollow throughout the year, and this is the reservoir about which locals speak with reverence, as it is believed by locals that the water flowing out of the rocks in this arid region is a ‘chamatkar’ (miracle) of the gods. The Pandavas are also said to have stayed there and drank this water during their 14-year exile. Many locals travel to the Shiva temple, but only the most determined and fit individuals ascend to the reservoir.

Chuhi Mal Ka Talaab in Nuh

Chui Mal ka Taalab is a masonry pond with cenotaphs located in Nuh, Haryana’s Mewat district. The Cenotaph of Seth Chui Mal is a grand two-story structure adjacent to it. Chui Mal built both the pond and the Samadhi (memorial) around the same time. Of course, his son installed the tomb in the structure after his death. The pond is surrounded by eight cenotaphs and is quite beautiful. During my discussions with the property’s owners (no, it is not under the control of the State Government or the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), but is privately owned by Chui Mal’s descendants), I was told that all of the burj (the structure beneath the Chattri or the cenotaph) have wells underneath and thus there is always water in the pond.

Best Time to Visit Nuh

The best time to visit Nuh is between October and March. Summers are extremely hot due to the tropical weather, whereas winters offer a soothing warmth during the day and the chills of winter at night.

How to Reach Nuh

By Air:

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is 63 kilometres away from Nuh.

By Railway:

There is no rail service in Nuh, however Palwal Railway Station is 37 kilometres away, Gurgaon Railway Station is 51 kilometres away, and New Delhi Railway Station is around 80 kilometres away.

By Bus:

Nuh is a well-connected district headquarters. Nuh is 343 kilometres from Chandigarh, Haryana’s capital, and 77 kilometres from ISBT, New Delhi.


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