May 20, 2024

Changlang – Must Be Visited Places in Arunachal Pradesh



In the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northern region of Tirap, Changlang district is located in the southern area of the Lohit district. Since 2011 it is Arunachal Pradesh’s second most populated district, behind Papum Par.

The District of Changlang located on the south-eastern corner of Arunachal Pradesh, bordered by Assam District of Tinsukia and Arunachal Pradesh District of Lohit on the north, by the District of Tirap on the south-eastern side, and by Myanmar on the west. The district is not good connected because it has no own stations, airports or even bus terminals. There is no transit connection.

All Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh is about spectacular beauty, diverse culture, unique customs and amazing range of scenic views. The town boasts magnificent geographical variations at altitudes ranging from 200 m to 45,000 m in the middle of attractive valleys, surrounded by steep mountains. Nature’s gift to humanity, you’ve had to be testified to that Changlang is host of some of nature’s great artworks. Visit Changlang and have a lengthy stay in the lap of the hypnotising east slopes.

How to Reach Changlang

By Air

In Mohanbari, Dibrugarh in Assam, Changlang is located about 136km from the nearest airport.

By Rail

The nearest railway station in Tinsukia, Assam is roughly 96 kilometers from Changlang, India’s biggest long-distance city. Another passenger train station, which may be utilized for local transportation, is in Margherita, Assam, about 45 km distant.

By Road

A good motorway to Changlang Township is connected. Dibrugarh is 140, Tinsukia is 95 kilometers away, Margherita is 44 kilometers away and Miao is 110. Busses between the major towns of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are offered from/to Changlang.

Places to Visit in Changlang

You can plan Changlong this time if you want to travel. Here you’re going to love the lovely green trees, steep mountains and waterfalls. This city is recognised for its natural beauty, culture and beautiful points of interest in northeastern India, Arunachal Pradesh. In the picturesque valleys surrounded by lofty mountains, you will adore the splendour of Changlang.

In the lap of the lengthy mountainous regions, you may also experience freshness and tranquility. Every month, thousands of people visit this city’s natural beauty. So if you also go to Arunachal Pradesh, visit Changlang. You will surely.


Miao is a little city in Changlong. Changlang is regarded to be the city on the banks of the Noa-Dehing River. The Tibetan residence of refugees in this town is quite fascinating to you. Attractive Tibetan refugees woolen outfits are going to make you buy. If you want to visit Arunachal Pradesh or Changlang, visit this town of Miao. This location might be the greatest destination for you if you are an adventurous person.

Miao Arunachal Pradesh
Miao Arunachal Pradesh

Lake of no return

Although the greatest lakes and waterfalls are known across whole north-easterly India, Lake Changlang is renowned for its beauty and name. It is reported that in the Second World War this lake was of major importance. It also tells us that many enemy soldiers were imprisoned in this never-returning lake during the Second World War, and so was called No Return Lake.

Second World War memorial

This town of Arunachal Pradesh has likewise experienced too many battles. A number of military memorials commemorating the troops who died during the First and Second World War have been constructed here. One of the similar monuments also referred to as a Jayarampur Cemetery is the Second World War Memorial. The area is buried by troops who were slain during World War II from numerous nations like India, China, the United States and Britain.

Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve

You might be the greatest tourist resort for you if you love birds and animals, Changlang Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve. This reserve is notable for several species like as Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Elephant, Himalayan black bear, spread in a territory of almost 1985,25 sq km. Here, too, you’ll appreciate many plants.

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