May 20, 2024

3 Best Places to Visit in Karbi Anglong

Karbi Anglong

Top Tourist Attractions in Karbi Anglong

Karbi Anglong

The Karbi Anglong district is one of Assam‘s 34 administrative districts. Diphu is the district’s administrative headquarters. According to the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, the district is administered by the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council.

Waterfalls, rivers, and streams may be found among the undulating hills and deep forests. Karbi Anglong, one of Assam’s little-known jewels, is also recognised for attractions such as Koko Falls, Khanduli Tourist Centre, Umwang Tourist Centre, and Kohora Tourist Resort.

 Best Places to Visit in Karbi Anglong


Amreng is a river cape situated between the Kapili River and its branch “Amreng River,” surrounded by mystic blue hills and evergreen forest, and is recognised for its distinctive natural beauty. It is 120 kilometres from Diphu and 30 kilometres from Lanka (Nogaon District). The region was known to as Panimur, Koka Hills, or Amreng on tourist maps. The settlement was given the name “RIVER CAPE INDIA” by its creator. The Tourist Lodge is located on the river’s edge.


Khanduli is the East’s New Zealand, a temperate grassland in a tropical nation. Extensive grassland with undulating moulds that, in the bright moonlight, like desert sand dunes, 26 km from Hamren Sub-Division, West Karbi Anglong, on Jowai-Shillong Road, 70 km from Jowai, Meghalaya. This unspoiled location is ideal for contemplative study trips, private honeymoons, and family vacations all year.


Kaziranga is KOHORA in Karbi Anglong, and the two are the same thing. The peak season at Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary lasts four months, and the remaining eight months of the year are much too lengthy for a revenue-generating organisation like tourism to stay idle. Further Sanctuary visits last an hour or less, and tourists may want an incentive activity for the rest of the day. To fill up the gaps, feasible activities have been recommended that would not only add to the existing attractions but also improve the infrastructure.


Umang is another temperate grassland with comparable characteristics to Khanduli. The entire 35 square kilometres of high table land has natural grassland with a more or less level surface and is flanked on three sides by one large river and one minor perennial river. Umwang is located 15 kilometres from the Umroi Airport in Meghalaya and is near to another tourist centre at Khanduli, which will be connected by the Birdle Road to allow for a magnificent 12-kilometer trekking adventure and a 16-kilometer tracking path to Baithalangso Tikka Tourist Centre. This centre’s appropriate attractions include a rafting and fishing adventure on the river Barapani, a golf course with 15 to 20 holes, horseback riding, and a hang gliding expedition.

 Best Time to Visit in Karbi Anglong


How to Reach Karbi Anglong

Karbi Anglang lies practically in the heart of Assam, thus getting there isn’t too tough. National roads and important train stations are close, making commuting to the location simpler.


This area does not have an airport. The nearest airport to Karbi Anglong is at Dimapur, which is around 54 kilometres distant from the district. Guwahati International Airport is around 172 kilometres away.


The N. F Railway lines go through the district, stopping at Diphu, Dhansiri, and Rongpahar, among other places.


The best option for getting to Karbi Anglong is to use the bus route. The district’s north side is served by NH 37, while the district’s eastern half is served by NH 39. Buses go 172 kilometres from the Guwahati bus station.

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