July 24, 2024

 5 Best Tourist Places in Morigaon


Top Tourist Attractions in Morigaon


Morigaon is the district headquarters of the Morigaon district in the Indian state of Assam, as well as the seat of the Tiwa Autonomous Council in Tiwashong, Assam.

The destination of choice Whether it’s a temple or a nature reserve, Morigoan has plenty of things to keep visitors entertained. Mayang town, the Dry Fish Market, Deosal hamlet, Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sita Jakhala, and Kachasila Hill are just a few of the must-see sites in Morigaon.

 Best Places to Visit in Morigaon

  1. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Morigaon
  2. Mayong Morigaon
  3. Kachasila Hill Morigaon
  4. Deosal Morigaon
  5. Sivakunda Waterfall Morigaon

 Best Time to Visit in Morigaon


How to Reach Morigaon

Morigaon is a town around 80 kilometres from Guwahati. As a result, Morigaon is easily accessible via Guwahati by a variety of modes of transportation.


Guwahati, which is roughly 94 kilometres from Morigaon, has the nearest airport. You can use this mode of transportation for rapid and easy transportation. Taxis are available for transportation to Morigaon after landing.


If you are travelling by train, you must disembark at Jagiroad Railway Station. It is located around 22 kilometres from Morigaon and is part of the Morigaon district.


Because Morigaon lacks an official bus station, you must take a bus to Guwahati, which is around 80 kilometres distant. Taxis are available to take you to the Morigaon area after you arrive in Guwahati. Private buses and rickshaws, which may be hired, are available for in-city transit.