April 23, 2024

8 Best Places to Visit in Nawada


Top Tourist Attractions in Nawada

Nawada is a city and a municipality in the Indian state of Bihar. It also serves as the administrative centre for the Nawada district. It is the administrative centre of the same-named subdivision, which is located at 24o 53′ N and 85o 33′ E on both banks of the Khuri River. The name comes from the word Nau-wada, which means “new town.”

Nawada area has its own tourism splendour and has the potential to develop as a tourist destination. In the town’s immediate area, there are numerous points of interest.

Kakolat Waterfall (24 km from town), Sekho Devra Ashram (established by Jaiprakash Narayan in Kowakole block and inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad), Hariya Sun Temple (located in Hariya village under Nardiganj block), Baba Majaar and Hanuman Temple (located on NH 31, a shrine of Hazrat Saiyyad Shah Jalaluddin Bukhari and a Hanuman temple) (located in Jamuawa, in 3 km of Jamui road of Nawada in side of Sakri River).

Best Places to Visit in Nawada

  1. Kakolat Waterfall
  2. Surya Mandir Handiya, Nardiganj
  3. Sokhodewra Ashram, Kawakole
  4. Sitamarhi
  5. Shri Gunawan Ji Tirth
  6. 52 Kothi 53 Dwar
  7. Budhauli Monastery, Budhauli
  8. Indrasal Cave, Parvati

Kakolat Waterfall

Kakolat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Nawada district that is popular with tourists due to its lovely surrounds. The falls are also mentioned in Hindu mythology, where an old ruler is said to have been changed into a python by a rishi’s curse and dwelt within the falls. According to legend, Krishna used to bathe there with his queens. This is one of India’s best waterfalls. The water in this fall is frigid all year. The drop is approximately 150 to 160 feet from ground level.


Surya Mandir Handiya, Nardiganj

The Surya Narayan Dham Temple, which is located in the Handaia village of the Naradiganj block of the Nawada district, is quite old. It is one of the historic Sun temples that symbolises the people’s religion. The fragments of the emblem and the stone-made chariot road were discovered during excavations around the temple. This temple is thought to have been related with the Dwapar era. A pond is next to the shrine. It is thought that swimming in this water cures leprosy. On Sunday, a significant number of people worship the pond bath and the sun temple.


Sokhodewra Ashram, Kawakole

Sekhodevara village, located around 55 kilometres from the district headquarters, is highly picturesque. The Sekhodevara village is formed by joining two tolas called Sekho and Deora. Jayprakash Narayan founded the Sarvodaya Ashram in the hamlet in 1952. J.P. erected a rock between the forest around 500 metres from the ashram, which is known as the rock. During the 1942 independence movement, when the legendary leader and revolutionary late Jayaprakash Narayan was fleeing from Hazaribagh jail, he was hiding among these rocks.


Sitamarhi is around 30 kilometres south-west of the Nawada district seat. Since ancient times, this location has been known as a prominent cultural hub. Here are ancient caves that are 16 feet long and 11 feet wide. A rounded rock is cut, and a tuber is formed within which the stones are polished. Based on the poles, this cave is thought to be a Mauryan carpet.

The cave was built, according to popular belief, to provide shelter for the honourable community’s saints. However, the people believe it was Sita’s home during her exile. A statue of Goddess Lakshmi is erected within the cave. Outside the cave, a rock is divided into two sections. It is also tied to the absorption of Sita ji. Furthermore, locals say that it is the birthplace of Love-Kush.

Shri Gunawan Ji Tirth

Gunawan ji Tirth is located in the Nawada district’s Gonawan village. This temple honours Jain Muni Gandhar Gautam Swami. Gautam Swami is thought to have been a disciple of Mahavir Ji. Gautam Swami received salvation at this location after 12 years of Lord Mahavir’s salvation. It was founded by the Jains. This historic temple dates back to Lord Mahavir’s reign. Mr. Jain is currently monitoring this temple, and Shri Jain Shvetambar is investing in the reservoir.

52 Kothi 53 Dwar

This is in Budahauli Village, Budhauli Panchayat, Pakribarwan Block. This location retains its significance in terms of Educational and Religious Centers. There are many Ashta metal statues in this monastery, as well as statues of Lord Vishnu, Sita, Ram, and Shankar, among others. This monastery has been visited by the First President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, as well as other notable figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Dr. Surya Prakash Puri gave 250 acres of land to Magadh University, which is now operational.

Budhauli Monastery, Budhauli

This is in Budahauli Village, Budhauli Panchayat, Pakribarwan Block. It was primarily a religious, spiritual, and educational centre. In this monastery, there is a vast lake into which water from all over the world has been poured. Budauli Math is based on the year 1800 AD. In this centre, there is still a lovely Durga Mandap. Every year on Navratra, the Goddess is honoured. 101 Mahatma and Purohohi used to frequent this location in the past. These two Pakribarawan centres are extremely important in terms of tourism and religion.

Indrasal Cave, Parvati

According to legend, Lord Buddha visited this location and sought refuge in the cave. Due to the constant rain, he spent the entire year in the cave. Indra Dev, the Gods’ King, came to visit Buddha and posed 42 questions. All questions are answered correctly by the Lord Buddha. This location is around 30 kilometres from Rajgir and 120 kilometres from Bodhgaya.

Best Time to Visit in Nawada

The greatest season to visit Nawada is from September to March, but people visit during the summer to appreciate the splendour of the Kakolat hills.

How to Reach Nawada


The nearest airport is in Patna, which is 89 kilometres away. Patna is connected to Calcutta, Ranchi, Bombay, Delhi, and Lucknow by Indian Airlines.


The nearest railway station to Nalanda is Rajgir (12 km), while the most convenient rail head is Gaya (95 km).


Nalanda is 12 kilometres from Rajgir, 110 kilometres from Bodh Gaya, 95 kilometres from Gaya, 90 kilometres from Patna, 26 kilometres from Pawapuri, and 13 kilometres from Bihar Sharif.

Local Transport: 

In Nalanda, taxis are not available. The only forms of transportation are cycle rickshaws and tongas. From its headquarters, Tourist Bhawan, Bir Chand Patel Path, Patna-1, Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation conducts tours to Nalanda, Rajgir, and other destinations.


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