September 19, 2021

20 Popular Destinations to Visit in Siwan


Top Tourist Attractions in Siwan

Siwan is a city in the Indian state of Bihar, as well as a nagar parishad. It is the administrative centre of the Siwan district and one of the area’s three urban towns. It is near to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Siwan, a significant portion of Bihar, requires no introduction, since the region has produced several luminaries, including Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Republic of India. Siwan, which was previously a part of Saran, became an autonomous district in 1976. It is well-known for its several specialties, including culture, heritage, and, most importantly, tourism.

Korara, Maharajgani, Mehandar, Bikhaband, and Sohagara have all contributed to the tourist department’s success in recent years. Siwan is made more attractive by Maharajgani, a recognised town and an outstanding vacation destination.

Best Places to Visit in Siwan

  1. Sohagra Dham
  2. Mahendra Nath Temple
  3. Zeeradei
  4. Ashiana
  5. Anand Bagh Math
  6. Sunder Bagh Math
  7. Raghunathpur
  8. Bhikhabandh
  9. Panchmukhi Shivalinga
  10. Burhiya Mai Temple
  11. Amarpur
  12. Faridpur
  13. Darauli
  14. Don
  15. Hasanpura
  16. Lakri Dargah
  17. Maharajganj
  18. Mairwa Dham
  19. Mehandar
  20. Bhikhabandh

Best Time to Visit in Siwan

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Siwan

By Air
The district of Siwan does not have its own domestic airport. However, there are excellent airway facilities near major cities that connect to Siwan. The closest airport to Siwan is Lok Nayak Jayprakash or Patna airport, which is located in Patna and is only 144 kilometres away. These airports’ contact and booking information is readily available online. This is a fantastic choice if you want to travel comfortably to Siwan and money is not an issue.

By Rail
Siwan Junction is one of Bihar’s busiest railway stations. The district is divided into 16 blocks, all of which are conveniently accessible by train from Siwan Junction. As a result, it sees a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. Apart from Siwan Junction, there are several well-connected train stations that may get you to Siwan without any hassle. There are many trains that run between Siwan and the major cities. Some of the biggest trains go from Lucknow to Siwan (389 kilometres), Kanpur to Siwan (461 kilometres), Delhi to Siwan (875 kilometres), and Kolkatta to Siwan (736 kilometres).

By Road
The city of Siwan is well connected to the rest of Bihar. Muzzafarpur is 121 kilometres away, Patna is 144 kilometres, Gorakhpur is 138 kilometres, Varanasi is 233 kilometres, Ara is 204 kilometres, Buxar is 145 kilometres, Kanpur is 500 kilometres, and Lucknow is 387 kilometres. Regular bus service to Siwan is available from these places on a regular basis. Siwan is very close to Nepal’s borders, with Kathmandu, the country’s capital, being only 308 kilometres away. If you are not satisfied with public transportation, you may also rent private cabs from these main cities. The cost of renting private taxis or automobiles is more, and you should only use such services from a reputable transportation provider.

Otherwise, you may reach Siwan entirely on local state bus services.

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