June 17, 2024

9 Best Places to Visit in Supaul


Top Tourist Attractions in Supaul

Supaul is a town and municipality in the Indian state of Bihar that serves as the administrative centre of the Supaul district. The administrative centre of this district is the town of Supaul.

Best Places to Visit in Supaul

Tourist Places in Supaul District

  1. o Koshi Barrage
  2. o Vishnupad Mandir
  3. o Tileshwar Mandi
  4. o Dharahara
  5. o Vishnu Mandir
  6. o Tintolia
  7. o Kosi River
  8. o Kapileshwar Mandir
  9. o Hanuman Mandir
  • Dharahara:

The hamlet made headlines in 2010 when it was revealed that when a female child is born, the families plant a minimum of ten trees. The trees have been planted for numerous generations, and the most of them are mango and litchi. Tourists go to this location in large numbers.

  • Vishnu Mandir:

It is a popular destination for devotees from all across the country. It’s a Vishnu temple. Vishnu is also referred to as Hari and Narayana. Many worshippers gathered to this temple to worship the God Vishnu. He is portrayed as the Supreme God.

  • Tintolia:

It is the Kali temple. Many worshippers go from all throughout India. Goddess Kali is a symbol of power. She is the Goddess of Time and Change. Pilgrims flock to this location in large numbers. Goddess Kali is portrayed as Lord Shiva’s wife. Shiva stands in the way of Goddess Kali, and his foot on Shiva calms her rage.

  • Kosi River: 

Another interesting spot to visit is the Kosi River. It is a trans-boundary river that runs through both Bihar and Nepal. It is referred to as seven tributaries. Several ridges surround the river basin. It divides the YarlungTsangpo River in the north, the Gandaki in the west, and the Mahananda in the east. The KosiRiver’s course has shifted during the previous 250 years. Because of the thick silt, it is unstable.

There are two tributaries to this river. Fishing is a significant industry in the river. It’s a great spot to visit. Picnic areas include Bivha National Park, Koshi High Dam, Katiya Power Project, Latona Church, and Azgaibi Kali Mandir, among others. Another destination to visit in Hardi is Chowghara, which is the historical birthplace of famed warriors Allaha and Rudal. So there are many sites to visit.

  • Kapileshwar Mandir:

Kapileshwar Mandir is an ancient Indian temple in Supaul. Lord Shiva is honoured at this temple. During Mahashivratri, a vast number of devotees perform prayers and puja.

  • Hanuman Mandir:

This Hanuman-dedicated mandir is located in the heart of Supaul. Many people go long distances to visit this temple because of the sculptures on its walls.

Best Time to Visit in Supaul

The months of January and February are ideal for vacationing or travelling to Supaul.

How to Reach Supaul

By Air
Regular flights do not link Supaul to the rest of the country’s major cities. The nearest airport is at Biratnagar, which is 77 kilometres away.

Airports: Biratnagar Airport

By Rail
There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Supaul. The nearest railway station is at Katihar, which is 115 kilometres away.

By Road
Well connected to Patna by Road

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