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6 Best Tourist Attractions in Narayanpur


Top Tourist Attractions in Narayanpur

The administrative centre of the Narayanpur district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh is Narayanpur town. It is one of two new districts that sprang from the Bastar district on May 11, 2007.

Best Places to Visit in Narayanpur

  1. Pahadi Mata Mandir
  2. Ramkrishna Mishan Ashram
  3. Handavada Waterfall
  4. Shiva Temple
  5. Mata Mavli Mela
  6. Narayanpur Mela

Pahadi Mata Mandir

RamkrishnaMishan Ashram

This centre was founded in 1985 to help the tribal inhabitants of Abujhmarh.

Handavada Waterfall:

This territory of Abuzamad’s Handvada, which was once part of the Dantewada district, is now part of the Orchha block. It is a natural waterfall that falls from a height of more than 150 feet and then runs through the stones, forming a natural spring. The imagination is drawn to the gorgeous perspective of this. It is now nominated for a film called Bahubali 2. The Nellasar of Bhairamgarh can visit this location, although there is a difficulty with the Indravati river. This type of waterfall may also be seen at Rawchal. This natural waterfall is comparable to Tirathgarh, but its foliage creates a distinct shade. There is also a distinct thrill in viewing woodland creatures in these two locations.

Shiva Temple :

Lord Shiva Temple is located in Narayanpur, 4 kilometres from Basavakalyan and 77 kilometres from Bidar. Chalukyan monarchs built the Narayanpur Shiva shrine in the twelfth century. The sanctuary is located within the town, in the middle of residences. Various models, including a saint stone and a piece with Kannada carvings, may be found in the tunnel. The sanctuary’s main vimana is surrounded by the remains of numerous apsaras. They are smooth and attractive in a variety of activities, such as the appealing shringar rasa. This sanctuary arrangement is similar to Jalasangvi’s Kalmeshwar sanctuary. It is reported that the Hoysalas included this design into their sanctuary plans. The sanctuary was partially rebuilt and shielded from a completely devastated state.

Mata Mavli Mela :

Mata Narayanpur Mavli Mela is well-known in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district. This event is no longer a minor inconvenience; rather, it has evolved into a celebration of the state of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh’s indigenous people applaud this festivity. It is a celebration for tribe members to express their delight and satisfaction. Mavli Mela Narayanpur Mela in Bastar is an intellectual celebration of Chhattisgarh’s tribal traditions and customs. In this festivity, they execute several stately adores. The tribal people worship a few gods, and during the Narayanpur Mela, they pay homage to the goddesses with great devotion. Aside from being a social and religious festival, happiness is a distinguishing feature of it.

Handicraft Centre :

The Narayanpur district is known for its expertise in the creation of Dhokra Handicraft goods. This procedure necessitates a high level of accuracy and ability. The Dhokra technique of this art uses cow dung, rice husk, and red soil in the preparation, with beeswax being the most significant. Wax wires are used for ornamentation and to add a final touch to antiques in addition to contouring. The true ingenuity and creative capacity of the craftsmen come into play in the Bell Metal Handicraft of Chhattisgarh in India, resulting in some of the most amazing pieces of art. The Dhokra and Bell Metal Handicraft may be found all over the world, but it is worth witnessing how the craftsmen of Chhattisgarh carve the objects by the impact of their pure dexterity.

Best Time to Visit in Narayanpur

The months of October through April are ideal for visiting Narayanpur.

How to Reach Narayanpur

Various bus services are available to get you to the Narayanpur district:

Raipur > Abhanpur > Dhamtari > Kanker > Kondagaon > Narayanpur

Raipur > Abhanpur > Dhamtari > Charama > Bhanupratappur > Antagarh > Narayanpur

Rajnandgaon > Dalli Rajhara >  Bhanupratappur > Antagarh > Narayanpur

Jagdalpur > Kondagaon > Narayanpur

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