September 18, 2021

9 Top Tourist Attractions in Mungeli


Top Tourist Attractions in Mungeli

Mungeli is a town and municipality in the Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh, India. On the banks of the Kharaghat Aagar river, Mungeli stands the proven Mahadev temple. The year is 1890, and theā€¦ In terms of religion, culture, tourism, music, and history, South Kaushal Chhattisgarh is unique. There are several shrines.

Best Places to Visit in Mungeli

  1. Shivghat
  2. Kharaghat
  3. Setganga
  4. Satyanarayan Temple
  5. Achanakmar Tiger ReserveĀ 
  6. Rajiv Gandhi reservoir (Khudia reservoir)
  7. Madku Islands
  8. Amar Island
  9. Hathnikala Temple

Best Time to Visit in Mungeli


How to Reach Mungeli

Air :

Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur (135 km) is the nearest international airport.


Mungeli has two railway stations: one in Bilaspur, which is 50 kilometres away, and the other in Raipur, which is 125 kilometres away.


Mungeli District may be be reached by car through National Highway 130A, which connects Bilaspur and Mungeli districts.

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