July 19, 2024

Best Amazing Places to Visit in Navsari


Top Tourist Attractions in Navsari

Navsari is a city in Gujarat, India, and the administrative seat of the Navsari District. It is approximately halfway between Surat and Mumbai. Surat’s twin city, Navsari, is approximately 37 kilometres south of Surat. Navsari is a major station on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad broad gauge railway route. Navsari is connected to the main towns of Gujarat and is connected to Parivaahan Nigam via Ahmedabad and Mumbai National Highway No. 8. (Transportation bus service) Navsari was the capital of the ancient Vadodra State before independence.

Best Places to Visit in Navsari

Unai Mata Temple

Warm water “Kunds” (Reservoirs) are famous in this village on the Billimoravadhai railway line. These “Kunds” of hot water are extremely old.

It is believed that Lord Shri Rama could not find Brahmins to do “Yagna” (Sacrifice) here, so he summoned them to Gangakulgiri in the Himalayas to perform “Yagna” (Sacrifice) to meet their demand for hot water. By aiming an arrow on the area, Lord Shri Ram was able to create a heated flow of Ganga. Furthermore, according to another legend, when Lord Shri Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, who lived in the forest, came to Dand Karnaya’s Sharban Rushi’s Ashram, Rushi changed their foul-smelling clothes through his meditation power, and when Lakshman learned of it, Ram’s attention was drawn to Rishi’s pain in order to alleviate Rishi’s suffering from a major disease.

Lord Rama was on a mission. Arrow at the inner portion of the land (Patal) and from it. The medicinal waters began to flow, and the large idol of “Ushan Ambas” became visible. In the form of energy, Sitaji constructed “Ushar Ambaji’s” idol. Sitaji bathed here (in bathed), and the name was preserved. People flock to Unai Matajis shrine for “Darshan” from the nearby villages.


Dandi is a small town on the Arabian Sea coast near the city of Navsari. This village is inhabited on the shore of the sea and famed for Mahatma Gandhijis historical Salt Satyagraha, which is 19 kilometres distant from the taluka’s major city. This ancient Dandi is located near the sea. A “Kirti” pillar honouring “Mahatma Gandhi” stands opposite this monument, where there is a “Safe villa” where Gandhiji spent the night. There is currently a Gandhi museum and library in the area. Daudi Vora’s famed “Dargah,” (tomb) Mai Saheba Mazar (Hizlaa Yusufi) is located behind the Gandhi Museum, where people of all communities gather for belief.


Best Time to Visit in Navsari

All Time

How to Reach Navsari

By Air

The nearest airport to Navsari is Surat, which is around 40 kilometres from the district centre of Navsari. A number of planes travel in and out of the city, linking it to other regions of Gujarat and the country.

By Train

The Navsari District is served with broad-gauge railways.

By Road

The Navsari District is traversed by the National Highway No. 8. Buses provided by State Transport connect major cities such as Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad.

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