September 28, 2021

 13 Best Places to Visit in Mahendragarh


Top Tourist Attractions in Mahendragarh

Mahendragarh is a city and a municipal committee in the Haryana state of India’s Mahendragarh district. It is located 100 kilometres north of Gurgaon and is part of the National Capital Region. Mahendragarh is known for its historical and religious significance. Narnaul is home to 14 significant historical sites, three of which are protected by the Central Archeology Department and eleven by the Haryana State Archeology Department.

 Best Places to Visit in Mahendragarh

  1. Sahukar Gumbad (Chor Gumbad)
  2. Jal Mahal
  3. Chhatta Rai Bal Mukand Dass (Birbal Ka Chhatta)
  4. Mandir Chamunda Devi
  5. Modawala Mandir
  6. Dhosi Hill
  7. Bagot
  8. Bamanwas
  9. Kamania
  10. Kanti
  11. Mahasar
  12. Mandola
  13. Sehlong

Best Time to Visit Mahendragarh


How to Reach Mahendragarh

By Air

Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is the closest international airport, located 130 kilometres from Narnaul City.

By Rail

Narnaul Railway Station is part of a well-connected railway network. Some of the trains that stop at this station are the Udaipur City, Chetak Express, Mumbai Chandigarh Superfast Express, Chandigarh Bandra Superfast Express, and Delhi S.Rohilla. Rewari (58 miles), Ringas (123 km), and Jaipur are the closest railway stations (163 km).

By Bus

The district headquarters at Narnaul is connected by road to other important towns in Rajasthan, Punjab, and Delhi.