May 27, 2024

Best Tourist Attractions in Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri

Top Tourist Attractions in Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri is a city and the administrative centre of the Charkhi Dadri district in Haryana, India, around 90 kilometres from Delhi. After urban growth, the town was formed by merging the villages of Charkhi and Dadri.

 Best Places to Visit in Charkhi Dadri

Ranila is a hamlet in the Indian state of Haryana’s Charkhi Dadri district.

Adinath Puram, Ranilla, is home to Bhagwan Adinath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra. The beautiful temple is said to be a miracle. The Moolnayak is an orange-colored idol with Adinath engraved in the middle and 23 Tirthankars etched on the other three sides. These idols are thought to be 1400–1500 years old.

Best Time to Visit Charkhi Dadri


How to Reach Charkhi Dadri

By Bus:

Charkhi Dadri is easily accessible by bus from New Delhi through Jhajjar Road and NH 334B. It is 112 kilometres from New Delhi. Highways NH 44 and NH 709 make it simple to get there from Chandigarh. It is 295 kilometres from Chandigarh.

By Railway:

Between Bhiwani and Rewari railway stations lies Charkhi Dadri railway station.

From Bhiwani, it is extremely convenient to go to New Delhi.



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