May 20, 2024

4 Awesome Places to Visit in Rohtak


Top Tourist Attractions in Rohtak

Rohtak is a city and the administrative headquarters of the Rohtak district in the Indian state of Haryana. It lies 70 kilometres north-west of New Delhi and 250 kilometres south of the state capital Chandigarh on NH 9.

 Best Places to Visit in Rohtak

  1. Chhillout Zone
  2. Historic Place, Meham
  3. Splash Water Park
  4. Tilyar Lake

Chhillout Zone

Chillout Zone – The Adventure Park” is a first of its type in North India, allowing guests to relax and revitalise themselves from their monotonous and demanding schedules through a variety of excellent activities. We are the only company in the nation that provides a rural experience with adventure activities, and we are experts in this field.

Historic Place, Meham

Meham town is located 30 kilometres west of Rohtak on Rohtak Hisar N.H.No.10. Tradition dates the town’s establishment to the Mahabharta era, when it was a location of a large fort. Later, before the reign of Prithi Raj Chauhan, it was re-founded by Rai Ballu, a Power Rajput. Mohammad Gauri is supposed to have destroyed it. However, this antiquity has not been historically retrieved before to Akbar’s reign, when he handed it to Shahbaz Khan, an Afgan, in Jagir. Later in Aurangzeb’s reign, it was snatched from Afghans by Rajputs. The town’s ancient antiquities include a bain or baoli (well with stairs leading to it) and two mosques, Jama Masjid and Pirzada Masjid. Baoli features 101 stairs and suites of rooms beside the well. An inscription on a marble slab indicates that it was created in A.D.1656-57 by Sidu, a chobdar.

It is constructed of Kankar (Gravel) and sandstone. However, it is not the town’s oldest baoli, having been erected to replace another that had fallen into usage due to a shift in the alignment of Delhi Hisar Road. The new baoli is located to the south of town, while the old one is located to the east. According to the inscription behind the pulpit stairs, the jamaMasjid was built during the reign of Humayu in A.D.1531. Another inscription from the reign of Aurangazeb, A.D. 1667-68, can be seen outside and over the south arch, claiming that the mosque was erected by Khawaja Rahmet Ullah. Two Arabic inscriptions also prove that a mosque was there before Humayu’s reign. According to the inscription, the Pirzada Masjid is a tiny Masjid to the south of the Jama Masjid that was erected during the reign of Babar by Sheikh Yasaf of Hisar.

Splash Water Park

Splash-The Water Park is located in Rohtak, Haryana. It is the finest Water Park in Rohtak, stretched across 5 acres of land on Delhi-Hisar Road, near Sukhpura Chowk, Rohtak. It’s a one-of-a-kind combination of Indian hospitality and entertainment that provides a sense of seclusion and quiet, and is the ideal retreat to peaceful countryside from the stresses of everyday life.

Tilyar Lake

Tilyar Lake is 42 kilometres from the Delhi border and 55 kilometres from Peeragarhi Chowk. Tilyar Lake is located in the Rohtak District of Haryana and has an area of 132 acres. Tilyar Lake forms a magnificent green belt in the surrounding region, and it is located near Rohtak town.

Tilyar Lake offers everything to entice Delhiites as a weekend escape and picnic area, including a glittering restaurant and bar, a little zoo with creatures like as Tigers, Panthers, Deer, Birds, and Monkeys, among others.

Tilyar Lake contains a toy railway for children, a tiny Columbus swing for adults, a wide lake for boating, and large green lawns for lounging and playing, among other amenities. As a weekend escape from Delhi, one may enjoy a delightful experience amidst the natural richness. Plan a weekend getaway trip from Delhi to Tilyar Lake to make your weekend vacation unforgettable.

Tilyar Lake offers a magnificent resort with excellent accommodations, a bar and multi-cuisine restaurant, a conference hall, a fast food centre, boating and adventure sports around the lake, a mini-zoo, a toy railway, and swings for children’s enjoyment.

Best Time to Visit Rohtak

During the winter season, Rohtak receives excellent weather from November to February. Summer in Rohtak is fairly hot, while the Monsoon season sees an average amount of rain, making it difficult to travel between sites.

How to Reach Rohtak

By air

The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International airport is at a distance of 83 kms.

 By Train

Rohtak junction is connected by a good railway network. Shatabdi Express, Gorakhdham Express, Kalindi Express, Shatabadi Express are some of the trains that stop at this junction.

 By Bus

Rohtakis on the National Highway No. 10 and has excellent bus connections to all the cities and towns of the neighbouring states.


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