September 17, 2021

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Kaithal

kaithal tourist places


Kaithal is a city and municipal council in the Haryana state of India’s Kaithal district. Kaithal was originally a part of Karnal and then Kurukshetra districts until November 1, 1989, when it became the Kaithal headquarters. Cheeka is a bustling marketplace with rice mills and marble stores. Around 60 marble shops operate in the city, which is known as Haryana’s marble city. Cheeka grain market is one of Haryana’s busiest marketplaces. A supermarket serves the local community as well as those in the surrounding areas.

 Best Places to Visit in Kaithal

  1. Naimish Tirtha, Nauch
  2. Gyarah Rudri Shiv Temple
  3. Phalgu Rishi Tirtha, Pharal
  4. Pawan Hrad Tirtha, Pabnawa
  5. Kapil Muni Tirtha, Kalayat
  6. Kotikuta Tirtha -Keorak
  7. Rinamochana Tirtha – Rasina
  8. Vidhikyar Sarovar
  9. Gurudawara Neem Sahab
  10. Phalgoo Tirth
  11. Sh. Gyarah Rudari Shiv Mandir
  12. Ambkeswar Mahadev Mandir
  13. Devi Mandir Fatehpur
  14. Hazrat Baba Shah Kamal Kadri and Sidh Baba Sheetal Puri Ji Maharaj
  15. Shitla Mata Mandir
  16. Kapil Muni Mandir Kalayat

Best Time to Visit Kaithal


How to Reach Kaithal

By Bus:

By bus, the Chandigarh-Hisar state highway makes it extremely easy to get to Kaithal (NH-65). It is 120 kilometres from Chandigarh, the state capital. Guhla, a sub-division of Kaithal District, is located on the Punjab border. This route makes it very easy to get to any part of Punjab. It is directly connected to Delhi and is 200 kilometres away. There is a direct bus service from here to Dabwali, Sirsa, where you may cross the Rajasthan border.

By Railway:

The railway station of Kaithal is located between the Kurukshetra and Narwana branch lines. From either Kurukshetra or Narwana, it is extremely easy to go to Delhi. There is a direct rail service to Delhi via Narwana and Jind.

By Airways:

The “Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.” or the “Chandigarh International Airport” are both excellent options for getting to Kaithal by flight.

You can choose any of the other modes to reach Kaithal.

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