May 27, 2024

4 Best Places to Visit in Doda


Top Tourist Attractions in Doda

Doda is a town and notified area committee in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir‘s Doda district. Doda has an average elevation of 1,107 metres and is located at 33.13°N 75.57°E. With a huge forest area, snow-capped peaks, pristine hiking trails, and the magnificent Chenab river running through it, Doda region is rich in picturesque locations. Despite its great potential, the area provides a range of tourism attractions, health resorts, and exciting hiking trails. Despite the commuting/transportation issues, the neighbourhood has drawn a sizable number of domestic and international visitors.

Doda’s tourism potential is enormous. The beautiful, green meadows of Lal Draman and Dal Draman, with their fir and deodar woods, the pristine Jasmia Masjids and Ziyarats, Vasukinag Temple, the Kailash Yatra, and the Gupt Ganga all draw pilgrims in droves. Doda, on the other hand, is a true delight for adventurers, with its various Hiking, Camping, and Trekking zones of breathtaking natural beauty.

Best Places to Visit in Doda

  1. Dessa Valley
  2. Padri
  3. Telli Garh
  4. Jai Valley

Dessa Valley

This is a place that exists in the womb of hills, and the hills that surround this beautiful tiny Kashmir. This location is fantastic. Because all of the magnificent symbols of the Vedas may be located there, this location is known as Davebumi. It is a picnic location around 280 kilometres from Jammu railway station to Gai. The main post office is in Doda, while the branch post office is at GAI. This location is said to be connected to Srinagar via the Dessa Capran road. In Gai village, construction of the first mobile bridge is underway. The majority of the people in this village were B.P.L. The reason for this is that politicians do not take it seriously. They come merely to vote, and when the five-year period is up, they return.

Dessa Gai has an earthly residence. In comparison to Switzerland in winter, this location is a popular tourist destination with beautiful green meadows. Nature’s pure appeal is felt by a mountainous belt that surrounds the valley. Something exceptional exists in these mountains, a natural radiance of folura and fauna. A flawless centre of God’s own design


Padri, a beautiful scenery, is located 41 kilometres from Bhaderwah on the future Bhaderwah-Chamba National Highway. The environment stretches for kilometres and is excellent for adventure activities such as snow skiing in the winter and paragliding in the summer. One feels ecstatic upon arriving there. It’s also the highest point of the Bhadarwah Chamba National Highway (The inter-state link). Even in the summer, visitors must bring woollens to experience the splendour of Padri.

Telli Garh

Another lovely location, Telli Garh, has been found for the development of a Tourist Complex consisting of nine bed rooms, two VIP suites, one restaurant, and an auditorium, as well as a floral and herbal garden.

Jai Valley

Jai the Everlasting Green Valley is located around 32 kilometres north of Bhadarwah town and is connected to the town by the picturesque Bhadarwah-Jai Link Road. The valley is divided into kilometres by the Jai Nallah river, which flows towards the Thathri Tehsil Headquarters before merging with the Kalgoni Nallah, which boasts huge waterfalls and boulders that provide a challenge to professional rock climbers. The Jai nallah is well-known for its Trout Fish Culture. Tourists may stay in the “HOLIDAY VILLAGE,” which is made up of colourful tented accommodations and well-designed Igloo Huts.

A Youth Hostel, which can accommodate up to 150 visitors, is also accessible for adventure seekers and hikers. When entering the Valley from “Jai Top,” one feels as though they are in the lap of Nature.

 Best Time to Visit in Doda

Between March and November is the greatest time to visit.

How to Reach Doda

The Srinagar International Airport (also known as Sheikh ul Alam Airport) is the nearest international airport to Doda, at about 230 kilometres. Doda is around 170 kilometres from Jammu Airport (via NH 44, NH 244). One must go by road after arriving in Jammu or Srinagar. From Srinagar, it takes around five and a half hours to go to Doda. Doda is 4 hours distant from Jammu Airport.
Pawan Hans has just established a helicopter service between Jammu and Doda. For bookings from Doda to Jammu, contact the Tehsildar Doda’s office, and for bookings from Jammu to Doda, contact the Divisional Commissioner Jammu/ TRC Jammu’s office.

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