May 23, 2024

Top 2 Tourist Places to Visit in Garhwa


Top Tourist Attractions in Garhwa

Garhwa is a town and municipality in the state of Jharkhand, India, and the seat of the Garhwa district. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar are all close by. Thousands of people regard Garhwa Road to be the most convenient stop to board their train to Delhi or Kolkata.

Best Places to Visit in Garhwa

  1. Radha Krishna Mandir Vanshidhar
  2. Sukhaldari River

Radha Krishna Mandir Vanshidhar

The Radha Krishna Mandir is a well-known tourist attraction in NagarUntari, because to the golden idols that are venerated here. This statue is supposed to be made of 32 mands of gold. This location is well-known for Baba Bansidhar and Raja Pahari. This temple, positioned at the top of a hill, has a century-old gold statue of Radha-Krishna and Raja Pahari (Shiva Temple).

Sukhaldari River

Sukhaldari is located on the banks of the Kanahar River in Dhurki, such a beautiful environment of nature and its pleasure is filled in here with a gorgeous waterfalls, nearby there are some more waterfalls such as Parasdiha fall in Bhawanathpur, which is 50 kilometres from the district headquarters, and Gursandhu fall in Ranka will be splendid spots of visit indeed.

Best Time to Visit in Garhwa

Best Month to Visit Garhwa – February: February is the best month to visit Garhwa.

How to Reach Garhwa

How to reach Jamshedpur by Air

BY Air:

 Ranchi Airport (208 km) and Varanasi Airport (140 km) are the closest airports.

BY Rail:

The Eastern Railway Zone’s Garhwa Railway Station is a significant railhead. Garhwa Road Junction (8 kilometres) is the nearest railway station.

  • Garhwa to Ranchi(Jharkhand) – 339 Km (6h 15m)-Ndls – Ranchi Garib Rath Express
  • Garhwa to Patna(Bihar) 8h 35m> (256 km) Patna – Singrauli Link Express, Palamu Express
  • Garhwa to Varanasi(U.P.) – 5h 15m (241 km) Ranchi – Varanasi Express

BY Road:

National Highway No. 75 connects the Garhwa district to Ranchi, Jharkhand. A total of 210 kilometres of state highway, 55 kilometres of national highway (NH-75), and 96.95 kilometres of district roads exist.

Garhwa has excellent road and rail connections. Ranchi and key districts in Jharkhand, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh have daily bus connections.

Ranka Road Garhwa Bus Stand- Medini Nagar Routes and Town Bus Stand (Old Bus Stand)- All Neighbour States Routes are two significant bus stops.

  • Garhwa to Ranchi(Jharkhand) – 5 h 18 min (218.5 km) via NH39
  • Garhwa to Patna(Bihar)> – 7 h 33 min(264.3 km) via SH 68 and NH139
  • Garhwa to Ambikapur(C.G.) – 3 h 55 min (160.4 km)via NH343
  • Garhwa to Varanasi(U.P.) – 5 h 22 min (218.7 km) via NH39, SH 5 and SH 5A

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