July 24, 2024

9 Best Places to Visit in Koppal


Top Tourist Attractions in Koppal

Koppala is a town in the Koppala district of Karnataka, India. Koppal is bordered by hills on three sides. Kopana Nagara is another name for it. The Koppal Fort, the Gavimath, and the Malle Mallappa Temple are also historical sites.

Best Places to Visit in Koppal

  1. Krishnadevaraya Tomb
  2. Anjanadri Parvata
  3. Huligemma Temple (Huligi)
  4. Mahadeva Temple (Itagi)
  5. Kanakachalapathi temple (Kanakagiri)
  6. Nava Brindavana
  7. Chinthamani Temple Anegundi
  8. Pampa Sarovar
  9. Koppal Fort

Krishnadevaraya Tomb

As you can see, the structure is made up of array columns. It’s a 50′ by 50′ structure with 64 columns of identical size in an 8 x 8 array.

Anjanadri Parvata

According to legend, Hanuman, the monkey God, was born on Anjaneya hill in Hampi, which is thought to be a hill in the village of Anegundi across the Tungabhadra from Hampi.

Huligemma Temple (Huligi)

The Huligemma temple was built in the 13th century and is dedicated to the Goddess Huligemma.

Mahadeva Temple (Itagi)

constructed in 1112 CE Soapstone was abundant in these areas. In 1050 CE, the Amrtesvara Temple in Annigeri, Dharwad district, was the first temple to be built with this material. This edifice was intended to serve as a template for subsequent, more articulated constructions such as the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi.

Kanakachalapathi temple (Kanakagiri)

Kanakagiri is a historical site in Karnataka, India, located in the Gangavati taluk of the Koppal district. Gangavati town is 20 kilometres north-west of here. Kanakagiri translates to “Golden Hill.”

Nava Brindavana

Nava Brindavana is a tiny island on the Tungabhadra that houses the Samadhis (tombs) of nine saints who were disciples of Madhvacharya and predecessors of Sri Raghavendra.

Chinthamani Temple Anegundi

It is another another treasure mine of old history and a reminder of Krishnadevaraya and the Vijayanagar empire’s greatness. This is supposed to be Bhooma Devi’s maternal house, and during Ramayana times, this was Kishkinda, the kingdom of Vaali and Sugreeva.

Pampa Sarovar

Pampa Sarovar is one of India’s five holy sarovars, or lakes. Pampa Sarovar is revered in Hindu mythology as the location where Pampa, a manifestation of Shiva’s wife Parvati, endured penance to demonstrate her love to Shiva.

Koppal Fort

Koppal Fort is another significant historical site in Koppal. It is unknown for certain who erected it. Tippu Sultan, however, purchased it from a Paleyagar in 1786 AD and renovated it into one of the strongest forts with the assistance of French engineers. In May 1790, it was besieged by British and Nizami soldiers.

  Best Time to Visit in Koppal

Koppal is best visited between the months of January and February.

How to Reach Koppal

Jindal Vijaynagar Airport (72.3 km) and Hubli Airport (72.3 km) are the closest airports (123.4Km). At Koppal, two significant national highways, NH50 and NH67, as well as four state highways, SH36,SH130,SH59, and SH63, intersect. Rail: The koppal station is served by a number of trains.

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