May 30, 2024

Best Places to Visit in Balaghat


Top Tourist Attractions in Balaghat

Balaghat is a municipality and a city in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It serves as the administrative centre for the Balaghat District. The Wainganga River runs through the town. Balaghat is a district in Madhya Pradesh, India’s central state. Its administrative headquarters are at the town of Balaghat. The tile industries, rice mills, and woods of Balaghat are well-known.

Best Places to Visit in Balaghat

Kanha National Park

Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha National Park, is one of India’s tiger reserves and the state of Madhya Pradesh’s largest national park. The current Kanha region is split into two sanctuaries, Hallon and Banjar, each covering 250 and 300 km2. Kanha National Park was established on June 1, 1955, and the Kanha Tiger Reserve was established in 1973. It now covers 940 km2 and is divided into two districts: Mandla and Balaghat.

The Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, sloth bear, barasingha, and Indian wild dog all have substantial populations in the park. The jungles described in Rudyard Kipling’s classic work The Jungle Book are based on rainforests found in this reserve. It’s also the first tiger reserve in India to have an official mascot, “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha.”


Best Time to Visit Balaghat

The finest time to visit Balaghat is during Maha Shivratri, when everyone is at their best and the city is at its best.

How to Reach Balaghat

By Air

The closest airport to Balaghat is Birwa Aerodrome.

Birwa is a village in the Baihar Tehsil of Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat District. It is part of the Jabalpur Division. It is 55 kilometres east of Balaghat, the district headquarters. Baihar is 2 kilometres away. Bhopal, the state capital, is 410 kilometres away.

By Rail

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Balaghat Railway Station is located on the South East Central Railway’s Jabalpur-Nainpur-Gondia segment. On the Satpura Railway, lines to Jabalpur, Gondia, and Katangi pass via the junction. From Jabalpur to Balaghat, there are 2 direct train(s). The shortest rail journey from Jabalpur to Balaghat is 5h 27m.

By Road

Regular buses go to Balaghat from all major cities around the country.


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