February 6, 2023

5 Attractive Places to Visit in Sheopur


Top Tourist Attractions in Sheopur

Sheopur is a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Sheopur District’s administrative headquarters are located here. Sheopur and Gwalior are connected by narrow gauge rail. Wood carving has long been a tradition in the community. The Chambal River, which runs across Rajasthan and MP, is only 25 kilometres long.

Best Places to Visit in Sheopur

  1. Banjara Dam
  2. Baroda Fort
  3. Manpur Fort
  4. Sheopur Fort
  5. Sahariya museum

Saru-Maru caves

Saru Maru is an archaeological site that has an ancient monastery complex as well as Buddhist caves. The site is in Pangoraria hamlet, Budhani Tehsil, Sehore District. The location is approximately 120 kilometres south of Sanchi. There are several stupas on the property, as well as natural caves for monks. Many Buddhist graffiti (swastika, triratna, kalasa…) have been discovered in the caverns. Two Ashoka inscriptions were discovered in the main cave: a variant of the Minor Rock Edict n°1, one of Ashoka’s Edicts, and another inscription noting Maharaha Kumara’s visit. According to the inscription, Ashoka visited this Buddhist monastic complex as viceroy of the Madhya Pradesh province, while his residence was to be at Vidisha.

All Saints’ Church Sehore – 1838

The All Saints’ Church was built in 1838 by a British political agent who belonged to Scotland. The structure is an exact duplicate of a church in Scotland, and even the surrounding foliage, which consists primarily of tall Bamboo trees, was created to mimic the original. Traversing the Sehore earth is like walking through millennia of rich history. November, with its fall ripeness, and March, with its spring finery, are the best months to explore Sehore and its expansive teak trees. Climatically, these two months may be considered the best time to visit Sehore.

Cenotaphs of Kunwar Chain Singh

Kunwar Chain Singh Cenotaphs: Kunwar Chain Singh’s cenotaphs, samadhies, and graves are located 2 kilometres distant in Dashahrawala Maidan on the bank of the Lotia River on the Sehore – Indore Road. These cenotaphs commemorate the famous battle between patriot Chainsingh of the Narsingh Garh estate and political agent Mr.Medhank.

Ganesh Mandir

Sidhha Ganesha Mandir is located in the village of Gopalpur in the northwestern direction, 3 kilometres from the District Headquarters. According to mythology, it was built by Vikramaditya of Ujjain and then repaired by BajiRao the Maratha Peshwa. Every Wednesday, a huge group of devotees congregate here. The Ganesha Chaturthi event is very well-known in this region.

Best Time to Visit Sehore

Dewas is best visited between October and the end of March.

How to Reach Sheopur

By Air

Sheopur does not have frequent flights to other major cities in the nation. Gwalior Airport is the closest airport. Gwalior Airport is 210 kilometres away.

By Rail

The Maharaja of Gwalior, like other light railroads in the former princely state of Gwalior (now part of the Central Railway in Madhya Pradesh), funded this 200-kilometer 610mm-gauge line, which reached Sheopur in 1909.

By Road

Gwalior, Morena, Shivpuri, and Kota are all accessible by bus from Sheopur. Sheopur is 210 kilometres away. Gwalior is 120 kilometres away, Shivpuri is 120 kilometres away, and Morena is 230 kilometres away.

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