September 28, 2021

11 Best Places to Visit in Ahmednagar


Top Tourist Attractions in Ahmednagar

About Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is a city in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India, located 120 kilometres northeast of Pune and 114 kilometres south of Aurangabad. Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who founded Ahmednagar in 1494 on the site of a battleground where he defeated greater Bahamani forces, gave the city its name. Ahmednagar is the state’s largest district. It is the origin of the cooperative movement and is home to 19 sugar plants. Cooperatives in the sugar, milk, and banking industries thrive in this region. A brilliant visionary was born exactly 100 years ago, deep in Maharashtra’s heartland.

Best Places to Visit in Ahmednagar

  1. Shiva Temple Parner
  2. Five stone Gates, Tisgaon
  3. Siddheshwar,Devi and Vishnu temple at Toka
  4. Shiv temple and Mallikarjun temple at Karjat
  5. Jain temple and Mallikarjun temple at Ghotan
  6. Dhokeshwar Caves
  7. Ratangad Fort
  8. Kharda Fort
  9. Valley of Sandhan
  10. Rehkuri Black Buck Sanctuary
  11. Harishchandragad

Best Time to Visit Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar’s winter season begins in October and is the ideal time of year to visit the city. Winter in Ahmednagar lasts from October to March, with temperatures hovering around a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius. This is the busiest time of year for visitors to the city.

How to Reach Ahmednagar

By Road

From most cities in Maharashtra, there are state-run and private tour buses that run to Ahmednagar. From Ahmednagar to Mumbai, the distance is about 258 kilometers.

By Train

Ahmednagar is accessible by train from Shirdi, Mumbai (Dadar), Pune, and a number of other places.