September 28, 2021

12 Best Places to Visit in Gondia

Top Tourist Attractions in Gondia

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, Gondia is a city and municipal municipality that acts as the administrative centre of the namesake administrative district. Because of the number of rice mills in the region, Gondia is also known as Rice City.

Best Places to Visit in Gondia

  1. Navegaon National Park
  2. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Kachargadh Caves
  4. Hazra Fall
  5. Padampur
  6. Chulbandh Dam
  7. Dakram Sukdi
  9. Suryadeo Mando Devi
  10. Tibetan Camp
  11. Nagra
  12. Pratapgadh

Best Time to Visit Gondia


How to Reach Gondia

By road, Gondia is around 170 kilometres from Nagpur in the Vidarbha area. The district is connected by road to the neighbouring districts of Chandrapur, Bhandara, and Nagpur. Roads are well-connected across the city. The travel from Nagpur to Gondia by State Transport Bus takes around 4 hours. The railway trip, on the other hand, is pleasant and takes two hours. Nagpur is 130 kilometres away by rail.